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A single solution that meets all of your end-to-end business needs sounds like the holy grail. In reality though, all-in-one suites are no longer enough to serve the complex needs of today’s ever-changing digital landscape. Business technology has evolved exponentially in recent years. Legacy systems have halted innovation, releasing incremental updates slowly, limiting large-scale deployment, and minimizing the ability to access and share data across teams.

Stacks, not Suites. Being Exceptional, not Average.

The world’s leading companies are choosing best-in-class solutions to power winning experiences and leapfrog their competition. They are choosing the best and right tool for the job instead of tools which may cover all bases, but excel in none. These companies think differently and perform at high velocity, in everything they do, every day. They are breaking away from legacy suites and moving to open, integrated solutions.

Brands need to make the most of every opportunity to interact with their customers. That means they must work with the finest technologies in the world to create the most customer-centric digital experiences. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Optimizely has partnered with Amplitude, Atlassian, AWS, Contentful, FullStory, New Relic, and Tealium to create the Digital Experience Stack: the premium technology solutions they need to build world-class marketing, product, and engineering stacks.

Resist Sacrificing Functionality

Don’t get stuck with an old-fashioned solution that doesn’t serve your modern business needs. Innovate rapidly, with the knowledge that your stack is evolving with you. Each solution you choose for your stack has been created by the best developers in the industry, who build, test and iterate to perfection.

An open stack approach is the antidote to legacy suites. With consumer-grade usability, these modern products are laser-focused on user experience, engaging teams and optimizing workflow. They have an unlimited ability to scale across the enterprise, enabling robust data-in and data-out, making it easy to act on the information you gain from your prospects. The total cost of ownership is much more efficient because you stack only the tools you need for your business objectives.

Your customer’s digital experience can make or break your relationship with them. It’s the key to winning their loyalty and trust. Don’t use antiquated technology to solve a modern problem. Be a leader in your space – innovate, experiment, and thrive. Build your best-in-class stack with the Digital Experience Stack.

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