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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Optimizely’s Academy was first released five years ago in April 2014. It was developed as a short series of lessons to walk users through our product. As is Optimizely’s nature, we’ve experimented and iterated on the Academy for years in response to our users’ increasing demand for experimentation and product knowledge. In earlier iterations, the Academy’s learning paths were cultivated around products, such as our Full Stack product, or subject skills, like strategy. After all of these iterations, we’ve learned a lot, and are excited to introduce our newest way for users to learn: Persona Paths!

By focusing on you – our customers – we’ve adapted our educational approach to be more user-centric, and have tailored our course content to provide what you need to be successful in your role with experimentation. In the past, our learning paths have brought vital information to customers that has helped them in their experimentation roles. However, there were many courses in those paths that were not necessary for all users. Users were required to take extra time to complete the learning paths, and then study additional material to pass the certification exams. By making our content more relevant and more role-specific, we have upgraded our Academy so users can learn in a more efficient way while also saving valuable time.

What changes did we make?

In the new Academy, all learning paths and certification exams have been reorganized to present you with the relevant content to make you successful in your experimentation role.

Rather than focusing learning paths on various subjects or products, paths are now built around the idea of personas, with only relevant content knowledge you might need to do your job. Not only will these paths be persona-driven, but there will also be multiple levels per each persona. Currently, our Academy has all Level 1 paths, but our team is working diligently to develop and release content for Levels 2-5.

Curious to see which path is best for you? Check out the new paths and let us know what you think!

Why did we change the Academy?

We started by listening to you! We leveraged all of our feedback channels and analytics to understand trends. It was clear that customers wanted us to align our e-learning program with each user’s role. Based on this feedback, we’ve made a number of changes to the new Academy. As an optimization experience platform, we will continue to run experiments and collect your feedback within the Academy to assure that it is providing you with everything you need to be wildly successful.


Certifications now align to our persona learning paths. Certification exam questions have also been reorganized, and are directly aligned to the courses within the new paths.

Course Updates

Though the majority of courses remain the same, our Customer Education team will continue to audit each and every lesson to assure the courses are up to date. We have also added a course feedback section, allowing you to share any feedback you have on our new Academy.

What about all my previous data in the Academy?

Any courses you have completed, any badges you have earned, and any examinations you have passed prior to this rollout will remain on your account. In other words, if you enter a path that contains X course, and you have already completed X course prior to the rollout, X course will show as complete in the new path.

Your certification exams will remain valid for a year from the date you completed them, but we encourage you to take the new exams as they are directly aligned to the new paths.

What’s next?

As we release new features and updates, and as the optimization space becomes more sophisticated, we will continue to update our courses and exams, making sure you are fully prepared to take on experimentation. We think you’ll find the new Academy easier to navigate, more useful and more efficient. As passionate educators and experimenters, we are excited to partner with you on your individual experimentation journey!

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