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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Digital paralysis got you down? Conscious of the need to innovate on your eCommerce game but unsure exactly how to improve? In a Forrester report from April of this year, author Suchariti Kodali offers up well researched and highly prescriptive counsel on exactly how to approach improving your company’s eCommerce offering. With tips for site navigation, optimizing product detail pages, and seizing the opportunity within the checkout experience, the report provides tactical advice wherever you are in your optimization journey.

One of the key findings from the report is the value of having a quality search function. In fact, “79% of US online adults agree that it’s important for retailers to offer advanced site search features (i.e. the ability to refine search results by price, brand, and/or style)”. Additionally, the report highlights that leading online performers like Amazon and Sephora make use of diverse tactics ranging from visual sliders to scrolling to encourage “discovery and serendipity.”

Other findings that are sure to resonate speak to the value of personalization and the necessity of remaining hyper-focused on your shopping cart experience. Forrester found that personalization was expected by a large percentage of US shoppers with “49% of US online adults ages 18 to 24, and 54% of US online adults ages 25-34, agree(ing) that retailers should provide product recommendations based on their shopping or browsing history.” With respect to shopping cart abandonment, the report found that 28% of retailers had seen online cart abandonment rise while 55% saw it stay flat. 

If you’re looking at ways to remain digitally competitive, download the report here


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