Proven personalization strategies for your website

I recently hosted a webinar where we shared how the Optimizely marketing team uses our own products, to test and deliver personalized experiences on

Below are four use cases our marketing team executes with personalization.

Read on for a recap of some of the experiments and campaigns from the webinar. 

User Acquisition and Conversions

Symmetric messaging in paid online advertising is when the content on a page mirrors the language from the ad that drove a visitor there. By doing this, we improved conversion rates on our personalized landing pages by 40%. We also increased our Quality Score in Google ads. Dynamically updating the landing page copy with Optimizely allows you to scale the approach for hundreds of paid ads running simultaneously. It’s a powerful and efficient way to get the most out of your ad spend.

A successful retargeting campaign personalizes with Optimizely Adaptive Audiences. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, it generates audiences based on the content they engage with on the page. Real-time behavior, based on visitors’ content interactions, generates Adaptive Audiences. This allows us to retarget personalized ads on Facebook and lower the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Personalization Experiments

Incorporating experimentation into your personalization process is critical. It allows you to test out different experiences for segments of your visitors. For example, we ran an A/B Test test with personalized case studies the visitor saw based on their industry. If we detect a retail visitor, we display retail case studies; if a visitor is from a media company, we display media case studies. Through this simple change, we saw a 40% increase in visits to our case studies. Rolling it out as a test before turning it into a feature or an “always-on” campaign allowed us to validate the idea and iterate to maximize the benefits.

Customer Engagement

We use one-to-one personalization for Account Based Marketing (ABM). One laser beam campaign included a personalized version of our homepage for the employees of one of our largest customers. The homepage was a completely tailored experience, with personalized images, copy, and custom Calls to Action (CTAs). We encouraged employees of the key account, to sign up for our annual conference, Opticon. This level of effort is difficult to scale, but it’s worthwhile to drive engagement with your top customers.

Targeted Information 

We’ve all had that moment of frustration when despite our best navigation efforts, the information before us isn’t what we are looking for and feels like a waste of time. At Optimizely, we provide better UX on a regional basis, using personalization to localize. For example, we localize the contact number on our plans page by region based on the visitor’s location. This is important for us because we only have two sites (North America & Germany), yet have customers around the world.

Even in cases where you don’t have any data about the user to surface relevant information for them, you can still do 1:1 personalization. Optimizely’s Adaptive Recommendations let you leverage and test pre-built algorithms without having to build them from scratch. We test personalized recommendations (e.g., popular content vs. co-browse). The experiment’s goal is to help our customers find the information they want and need on our blog. The best part is that the algorithms are not a black box; you can choose how you individualize the content recommendations. 

Check out the webinar to learn about other personalization examples. In the meantime, I will leave you with a key takeaway. Getting started with personalization doesn’t have to be daunting. Optimizely has solutions to help you deliver relevant experiences, regardless of how much information you have about your visitors. We have products to support 1st and 3rd Party data as well as Behavioral targeting.

Want to learn more about what’s possible with Optimizely Personalization? Check out the personalization hub.