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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Today we’re excited to announce the agenda for Opticode, Day 2 of Opticon20, Optimizely’s free progressive delivery and experimentation conference! We’re also adding something brand new this year: a full day dedicated to product development teams — Opticode.

Opticode is a virtual conference that will take place on Thursday, September 17th for North America and Wednesday, September 30th for Europe. Opticode is dedicated to showcasing customer stories from product and engineering teams, technical demos, and workshops. Product and engineering leaders from Cox Automotive, Greenlight Financial, and more will share stories on how they improved and accelerated their development lifecycles with feature rollouts and drove growth by maturing their A/B testing practices.

Unconference at Opticode

We will open Opticode with an Unconference where you get the chance to submit topics you’d like to discuss and we’ll provide a space for you to dive into discussion. Whether you’re interested in chatting about performance or feature flags, we’ll connect experts to help you solve challenges and exchange ideas. Is there a topic you’re passionate about? Submit one and be sure to register for Opticode.

Interested in learning more about how to create feature flags and rolling features out to targeted audiences? I’ll be hosting an Unconference on how to get started with Optimizely Rollouts! Select Feature Flags as the topic you’re interested in and sign up for Rollouts ahead of time.

Session Highlights

Here are some sessions you won’t want to miss!

Building an Experiment Pipeline for GitHub’s New Free Team Offering
Philip Bremer, Director of Software Engineering at GitHub, will share how GitHub’s engineering team built their experiment pipeline and integrated Optimizely to increase their experimentation velocity.

Quantifying the Impact of your AWS Personalize Product Recommendations with Optimizely
Asa Schachar, Principal Developer Advocate at Optimizely, and Igor Krtolica, Solutions Architect at AWS, will show you how to quantify the impact of your AWS Personalize Product Recommendations with Optimizely in their hands-on workshop.

How The Zebra Utilized Feature Experiments To Increase Carrier Card Engagement by 10%
Megan Bubley, Senior Product Manager at The Zebra, will share her experience working with Optimizely’s A/B tests to create a results page where users can compare multiple auto insurance options driven by actual user needs, as well as her experience customizing the experience based on device platform.

How to Use Atlassian’s CLI for Optimizely Web to Accelerate Development Velocity
Nathan Casper, Growth Engineer at Atlassian, will demo how to use Mystique CLI to create, update, test, and duplicate experiments and personalization campaigns for Optimizely Web all within a CLI.

See the full agenda here!

Optimizely Community

All attendees, speakers, and partners are invited to join the conversation in our community on Slack. You can join now to ask questions leading up to Opticon and hear updates about the event.

During the conference, there will be live Q&A with speakers and networking opportunities with attendees. Whether you have a question about how to implement Optimizely’s SDKs or want to brainstorm ideas for an A/B test you want to run, we’ve got answers in the community and we’re excited to virtually meet all of you so join here!

Register for Opticode Today

Grab your free virtual ticket to Opticon20 and Opticode to join us for 2 days of sessions from progressive delivery and experimentation leaders. You’ll walk away with actionable insights, get hands-on access to new products, and connect with other experimentation experts.

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