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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

How to Maximize your KPIs on Every Page with Input Metrics

To have a successful experimentation program, you have to start with “what is the goal?” of your growth and experimentation efforts. This was emphasized for me early at Optimizely, when our co-founder Dan Siroker said in an all hands just a few weeks in: “experimentation leaders choose metrics that matter.”  Understanding your most important goals […]

24 Experiments that You Can Build and Launch Today

When you’re starting your experimentation journey it can be tough to figure out where to start. I often hear from my customers that they’ve hit a rut and are short for hypotheses that can keep program momentum going. These are not rare places to be! The lifeblood of a program is having hypotheses to test […]

Ask an Experimentation Expert: Why You Need an Executive Sponsor for Experimentation Program Success

As the Lead Strategy Consultant at Optimizely, I’m lucky to work with customers of differing levels of Experimentation program maturity, from customers who are just starting their program and getting their team in place to customers that never make a decision without experimenting first. My work focuses on building Experimentation methodologies with a company’s teams […]