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Introducing a Faster, More Powerful Optimizely Results Page

Introducing a Faster, More Powerful Optimizely Results Page

Today we’re excited to announce that Optimizely’s new results page is available to all customers.

The results page is Optimizely’s #1 most viewed page, so rebuilding it was no small task. We ran multiple rounds of user research and conducted an extended opt-in beta with more than 6,000 users.

In this post, we walk through the features of the brand new experiment results page.

Optimizely Now Accepts £ and €

Everyday around the time Optimizely employees are wrapping up their day in Amsterdam, the rest of us are starting the day at our San Francisco headquarters. Our team is expanding globally to keep up with the growing demand from 5,000+ customers using Optimizely in over 50 different countries. Since launching Optimizely in nine new languages […]