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Founding Moment

Reid Hoffman has popularized the notion of multiple “founding moments” in the life of a company: the key inflection points when leaders decide to change a path in order to better, or more quickly, realize their mission. Today is one of those moments. We have hired Jay Larson to succeed me as our CEO! I […]

Taking a Stand

At Optimizely, we value diversity and inclusiveness. That means more than just talking the talk, it means walking the walk. That is why we’ve decided to take a stand and publicly support immigrants. Here is the email I sent all Optimizely employees: From: Dan Siroker To: Team Subject: Supporting our colleagues Optinauts, We’ve heard from […]

Introducing Optimizely X: The Experimentation Platform

Introducing Optimizely X: The Experimentation Platform

Every great invention and scientific discovery was born from experimentation. Experimentation is not only a cornerstone of science, but it is also critical to success in politics, athletics, and business. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce Optimizely X: the world’s first experimentation platform.

Controlling Our Own Destiny

I started Optimizely six years ago with my co-founder, Pete Koomen, to achieve a simple goal: make it easy for anyone in the world to do website A/B testing. This goal was inspired by my work on the Obama 2008 campaign, and in 2012 we achieved this goal when we surpassed Adobe to become the #1 most-adopted […]

Optimizely Raises $58 Million to Optimize the World

Optimizely Raises $58 Million to Optimize the World

Today is an exciting day because we’ve secured $58 million in Series C funding, led by Index Ventures. I’m thrilled that Ilya Fushman, General Partner at Index Ventures, is joining Optimizely’s Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of experience to Optimizely and has plenty of thoughts on optimization.

For us, our customers, and our partners, this new round of funding represents an opportunity for Optimizely to focus on our long-term objectives of building products that will enable every company to provide their customers with the best possible experiences.

Optimizely Named Industry Leader in Online Testing

Optimizely Named Industry Leader in Online Testing

Last week, Forrester Research released the The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms, Q3 2015” (access requires subscription) and we’re very proud to announce what we believe is another key milestone in our quest to bring optimization to the world: among the eight online testing platforms that “matter most,” Optimizely is cited as a leader in this space.

3 New Optimizely Settings to Give You More Control

In order to run an experiment using Optimizely you put a snippet on your website. This snippet points to a JavaScript file that includes experiment configuration data such as targeting criteria and meta data like the name of the experiment. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear: you want more control over what is included in this file. We fell short of your expectations and our own in this area. I’m sorry. Today, we’re launching three new settings to give you more control.