Introducing Easy Event Tracking: the easier way to understand and optimize the customer journey

This year, according to data from the International Tele­communication Union (ITU), we will see over half of the world’s population connected to the online world. Digital consumers are now connected to the internet through a variety of devices and interfaces – from “old-world” PCs and handheld devices to modern-era voice assistants, wearables and AR/VR interfaces. This […]

Why siloed optimization goals limit success

If there was a glass ceiling for experimentation, it would be scalability and measurement. One of the key challenges for experimenters lies in developing a strategy that will enable them to scale their optimization program and create the right metrics to effectively measure its success.   The most innovative of organizations have multiple teams testing, […]

Experiment Anywhere Using Our Event API

This is the 2nd of a series of 3 blog posts covering our APIs, read the first one on the REST API here. Recently, we announced several enhancements to Optimizely’s measurement capabilities. Today, we’ll focus on one of these enhancements, the Event API, which enables teams to send events via HTTP to Optimizely. With the […]