Building an MVPP: Minimum Viable Product We’re Proud Of

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On November 18th, 2014, we publicly released Optimizely’s iOS editor. Before we launched, there was one problem the whole team rallied behind to fix: we weren’t proud of the product. To fix this issue, we went beyond a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to an MVPP—the Minimum Viable Product we’re Proud of.

This is the story of how we pulled this off, what we learned along the way, and product development tips to help you ship great products, from the perspective of someone who just did it.

When Redesigning a Product Feature, Identify the Need, Then Iterate—A Lot

Earlier this year, we released a major addition to Optimizely’s preview tool: the ability to impersonate visitors.

In this post, I will describe our design process and the decisions we made along the way when building this feature to shed some light on how product features are ideated, developed, and released at Optimizely.

Introducing “Preview As” [SLIDESHOW]

Preview As Cover

When you’re in the thick of testing, targeting visitors by attributes or running multiple experiments on one webpage, it can be difficult to track how your site will appear to your website visitors.

The good news? We’re introducing a new feature to streamline your testing and ensure that your visitors have a consistent experience.