How to Run Your First Personalization Campaign

how to run personalization campaign

Personalization. You keep hearing you should do it, but how? Where do you start? What does it even mean?

This article will cover the basics so that you can start personalizing your site today. And with a little practice, personalization will become just as second nature to you as A/B testing.

Building an MVPP: Minimum Viable Product We’re Proud Of

On November 18th, 2014, we publicly released Optimizely’s iOS editor. Before we launched, there was one problem the whole team rallied behind to fix: we weren’t proud of the product. To fix this issue, we went beyond a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to an MVPP—the Minimum Viable Product we’re Proud of.

This is the story of how we pulled this off, what we learned along the way, and product development tips to help you ship great products, from the perspective of someone who just did it.

Introducing “Preview As” [SLIDESHOW]

When you’re in the thick of testing, targeting visitors by attributes or running multiple experiments on one webpage, it can be difficult to track how your site will appear to your website visitors.

The good news? We’re introducing a new feature to streamline your testing and ensure that your visitors have a consistent experience.

A More Semantic Approach to Spriting Images

Spriting images is a well-known, well-documented way to speed up page load times. The standard technique works great for icons and other images that aren’t part of the actual content, but not so great for images that belong in the page content.

When Insignificant Results are Significant

When running an A/B test, you typically want to see a clear winner. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes results are insignificant. And if you have a well-defined test hypothesis behind why you’re running the test in the first place, then an insignificant result can be just as useful as a clear winner. On, […]

IRL: How to Optimize Non-Click Conversions

Anyone who has ever ignored to-do lists knows that any friction between yourself and your goal leads to frustration and potentially giving up altogether. Similar to the way we experience this feeling in real life is how we feel about to-do’s online. So we sign up online for something that requires an extra step, how […]

Sick of searching for the perfect stock photo? Read this.

Testing Theory: Academic Studies You’ll Actually Use is a series that provides practical testing ideas based on the study of how people make decisions (formally known as behavioral economics). Photos have the power to greatly influence conversions and engagement, but testing them is tricky. There are so many potential images you could be using, how […]