Introducing Optimizely Data Lab

As we kick off Opticon19 today, we’d like to share something we’ve been working very hard on. It’s the first step in a direction we’re excited about, and I think many of you are going to be as well. Ten years ago, Dan Siroker and I founded Optimizely to help people use experiments to make […]

When Experimentation and Alignment Collide

At Optimizely, our product team meets each week to discuss experiments we plan to run in our products. It’s an open meeting called “Experiment Review” and we use it to share best practices and ensure we’re running high quality experiments. This week in Experiment Review a debate sprung up around an experiment proposal. This debate […]

Optimizely Acquires Experiment Engine

We are excited to announce today that we have acquired Experiment Engine! Experiment Engine offers tools and services that help teams manage their experimentation programs. Together with Experiment Engine’s tools for experimentation project management, reporting, and program oversight, Optimizely will now be even more powerful for enterprise companies to run experiments, share information and innovate […]

Optimizely Explores Machine Learning in Our First Acquisition

I’m thrilled to announce that Optimizely has acquired Synference, a machine learning optimization company founded in Dublin. As part of the acquisition, Synference founders Fergal Reid and Conrad Lee will join Optimizely’s product and development teams full time. We think the approach they’ve taken with Synference has huge potential to deliver on the promise of machine learning-powered optimization and testing.