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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Opticon19 Europe: How Farfetch are taking experimentation further

At Opticon19 in London principal product manager of experimentation at Farfetch, Luís Trindade , explained how the company is moving its experimentation program to the next level. With a mission to become the luxury fashion platform connecting creators, curators and consumers, Farfetch has been deploying the power of experimentation right from the start. But now, […]

Opticon19 Europe: 5 Takeaways

Opticon19 Europe: 5 Takeaways

We recently held Opticon19 Europe in the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London with a full day of passionate speakers, inspirational stories and shared experiences. Digital experimentation is gaining a huge amount of traction in Europe. And when the continent’s digital leaders from Farfetch to FedEx to HelloFresh came together, we saw that out-experimenting the competition doesn’t […]