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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Secrets for High Performance Web Experimentation

Optimizely’s performance experts, Group Product Manager,  Whelan Boyd, and Sr. Staff Performance Engineer, Michael Hood, recently sat down to discuss best practices in performance and experimentation. From how to effectively monitor performance, defining benchmarks and how to leverage the latest Edge technologies to dramatically reduce latency with client-side experimentation. Below are the key takeaways, you […]

Stefan Thomke ‘Experimentation Works’ : Three key questions that organizations need to answer to create good experiments

Harvard Business School professor Stefan Thomke is perhaps the world’s leading authority on digital experimentation. So it will come as no surprise that his latest book, Experimentation Works, has caught our eye. In fact we will be hosting a virtual meetup with Professor Thomke on April 22nd and you can apply to attend here.  The […]

Opticon19 Europe: How Farfetch are taking experimentation further

At Opticon19 in London principal product manager of experimentation at Farfetch, Luís Trindade , explained how the company is moving its experimentation program to the next level. With a mission to become the luxury fashion platform connecting creators, curators and consumers, Farfetch has been deploying the power of experimentation right from the start. But now, […]

Opticon19 Europe: 5 Takeaways

Opticon19 Europe: 5 Takeaways

We recently held Opticon19 Europe in the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London with a full day of passionate speakers, inspirational stories and shared experiences. Digital experimentation is gaining a huge amount of traction in Europe. And when the continent’s digital leaders from Farfetch to FedEx to HelloFresh came together, we saw that out-experimenting the competition doesn’t […]