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3 Trends Shaping the Online Travel Industry

3 Trends Shaping the Online Travel Industry

To say that optimizing experiences in travel goes far beyond the booking funnel would be an understatement. From ancillary revenue to an integrated customer journey of physical and digital touchpoints, learn the key trends that are shaping the online travel industry today.

6 Ways to Generate A/B Test Hypotheses

6 Ways to Generate A/B Test Hypotheses

The story of Phineas Gage is one you may have heard in a college neuroscience class. While setting a powder charge in a rock outcropping, Phineas’ tamping iron unexpectedly sparked. The explosion propelled the 3 ½-foot iron bar into Phineas’ head—in through his left cheek, through his frontal lobe behind his left eye, then out through the top of his skull. Somehow, he survived.

So why would I write about this topic on a blog about optimization? Well, today’s marketing and product professionals would be wise to incorporate the “Phineas Gage” persona into their optimization strategies because his post-accident behavior is shockingly similar to the that of the average web visitor.

5 Traits of Best-in-Class Optimization Teams

5 Traits of Best-in-Class Optimization Teams

What are your best customers doing?

That is the #1 question I hear from customers on a day-to-day basis. How do others companies do optimization and testing? It’s a great question.

Based on thousands of interactions with Optimizely customers and four years of enterprise enablement, I can confidently point to five traits that all best-in-class optimization teams possess…

6 Best Practices from 251,391 Website Experiments (and How to Apply Them)

I’ve had the good fortune to attend several optimization talks & conferences with our CEO, Dan Siroker. One thing I admire about good speakers is their ability to distil complex ideas into simple truths.

Simple is good.

In this forum, we try to keep things short & sweet because we know you are frantically busy. After all, this is a blog—not API documentation.

With that in mind, here are Dan’s 6 “Best Practices” from 251,391 A/B and Multivariate tests