How to Effectively Compete in the ‘Amazon Era’

Traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores are closing at a record pace thanks to what many are calling the ‘Amazon Effect’. The online retail giant has pushed the limits of what is possible when it comes to customer experience; delivering frictionless, fast, and personalized online shopping on a gargantuan scale. Much of what drives Amazon’s success is […]

What Personalization Campaigns Really Look Like

Lytics 2015 personalization report from consumers

Making a personal connection with the consumer is what marketing is all about. We dream about campaigns that land the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

The key to truly personalized campaigns — the thing that makes this kind of one-to-one marketing possible — is data. These days, marketers are in good shape. They’re learning more about visitors and collecting vastly more data on visitor behavior than ever before. But if you ask the visitors who are presumably receiving the personalized campaigns, they say brands are falling short of this ideal.

According to a survey that Lytics conducted of over 400 consumers, 80% said brands are not familiar, or at best, are only somewhat familiar with their needs. Clearly there’s an issue with the way brands are executing (or not executing) personalization campaigns and a lot of room for improvement.

P.S. It Works

We’ve already talked about (cough: become experts in) email CTAs and dedicated landing pages (pro-tip: they work) in earlier posts. Today, in true #ThrowbackThursday fashion, I’d like to hone in on an old school marketing tool that can drive email optimization in a big way: the good old-fashioned P.S. (or postscript).

5 Testing Tips from E-commerce Experts

Our certified partners work with hundreds of e-commerce clients to optimize their websites on a regular basis. We asked them to share some tricks of the trade that can help move the needle on e-commerce sites – garnering more clicks, purchases, and revenue across the board.

Why Dedicated Landing Pages Work

Chris Hexton joins us on the Optimizely Blog once again, for the second in a five part series on email marketing optimization. Chris is the CEO and co-founder of Vero, a B2B company specializing in email conversions and customer satisfaction. Last week, we introduced why email conversions are so powerful. In case you missed it, here’s […]

How to CRAFT the Perfect Email CTA

We’re excited to welcome Chris Hexton, CEO and co-founder of Vero, to the Optimizely Blog for the first in a five part series on email marketing optimization. Email marketing is one of most powerful marketing mediums there is in terms of raw return on investment. In fact, a new report from Custora found that over the past […]

Why We Switched to Optimizely

We’re glad to welcome Cooper Maruyama, conversion rate optimization expert and founder of Landers Optimized, to the Optimizely blog for today’s guest post. The biggest difference between conversion optimization and all other sub-sectors of online marketing is the technology required to do it well. Website optimization requires qualitative analysis, via tools such as SurveyMonkey and […]