The 6 Types of Feature Flags You’ll Meet at Optimizely: Permission

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Tl;dr 🚩 How do we use Permissions Flags at Optimizely? Feature gating for plan types 🔒 Access Level? Monetization Engineers only 😬 Risk Level? High 👩‍💻 Tests? Manually Add/Remove Test Accounts ⏰ Lifetime? Permanent until feature deprecated Permission feature flags are our feature enablement toggles which allow us to manage which customers are allowed to […]

The 6 Types of Feature Flags You’ll Meet at Optimizely: Operational

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Tl;dr 🚩 How do we use Operational Flags at Optimizely? Making dynamic changes to a feature without a code deploy. 🔒 Access Level?  Only Optinauts that built the feature. 😬 Risk Level? Medium-High. 👩‍💻 Tests? QA Environment. ⏰ Lifetime? Permanent until feature deprecated. Operational feature flags are flags that control configurations for an application, such […]

The 6 Types of Feature Flags You’ll Meet at Optimizely: Feature Rollouts

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Tl;dr 🚩 How do we use Feature Rollouts at Optimizely? Method to safely and quickly deliver new features. 🔒Access Level? Any engineer at Optimizely.  😬Risk Level? Depends on what is being rolled out. 👩‍💻Tests? Unit, Integration, End to End, and Manual (All the tests!) ⏰Lifetime? Short. Remove these as soon as features are adopted. Feature Rollouts […]

Determining your Feature Flag Types & Governance as an Engineering Leader

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Feature flags (aka feature toggles) are quickly becoming the standard implementation for  strong engineering organizations. Feature flags enable teams to deploy and modify features without changing code and easily perform A/B experimentation on these features in production to ensure customers have best user experience.  However, as more engineering organizations scale their feature flag utilization, it’s […]

How to Manage Outdated Feature Flags

Not cleaning up feature flags can introduce risk to your code base. Learn how Feature Flag Removal Day can lead to better feature management. Feature flags (aka feature toggles) are a gold standard of agile software development and continuous integration for good reason: they help teams deliver new features to customers safely, and with better […]