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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Talking Shop with Investor Howard Lindzon about DTC

Howard Lindzon is an investor, social media maven and impossibly funny human being. I first got to know Howard around the time that Twitter was taking off and the only thing that surpasses his wisdom and insight with respect to the markets is his generosity in sharing exactly what he’s thinking, and perhaps equally importantly, […]

Are You Ready for Your Earthquake Moment?

Many of us who work in marketing are familiar with the Oreo Moment. The Super Bowl. 2013. The lights go out in the Superdome in New Orleans and Oreo, equipped with a war room to man their Twitter feed delivers the ultimate tweet, “Power out, no problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” It […]

Retail:The Rebirth Continues

My one-time boss, Publicis Strategy Head Rishad Tobaccowala once opined with his trademark blend of sagesse and wit, “The trend is your friend.” Those four words work equally well in the worlds of investing, marketing and business development. As we enter the nth phase of ‘software eating the world’, in this case, retail, the signs […]

Experimentation: The Data-Driven Path to Company Consensus

I recently joined Optimizely as the Head of Content. Having been on the advertising agency side of the universe, experimentation to date, had not been de rigeur for me. The bulk of my career has been as a ‘creative’ where ideas can over-index on ‘coolness’ vs. effectiveness, so the rigor and discipline of experimentation is […]