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Conversion Rate Optimization

Atlassian Harnesses the Power of Experimentation

Today’s business innovators are going out of their way to meet the current needs of their consumers, and data plays an increasingly large role in fostering loyalty and revenue growth. Experimentation offers real-world feedback about the customer and drives intelligent, data-driven decision-making. One such innovator is Optimizely customer, Atlassian, a company whose mission is to change […]

Accenture thinks conversion optimization may be hurting your business

At Opticon 2018, Matty Wishnow from Accenture Interactive gave our audience a surprising perspective on CRO. We think his message and advice is so important that we’ve asked him to share his perspective with the world during tomorrow’s “New Principles for Digital Experiences That Perform” webinar.  Wishnow co-founded the digital optimization firm Clearhead, which Accenture […]

Experience Optimization Evolves To Keep Up with Advanced Enterprises

Experience Optimization Evolves To Keep Up with Advanced Enterprises

According to new research from Forrester1, leading enterprises have consolidated online testing and personalization techniques such as behavioral targeting and recommendations into centers of excellence to achieve one common goal: to optimize digital experiences across the entire lifecycle of customer engagement. Professionals responsible for optimizing customer interactions – such as marketers, customer service teams, product […]

Support For Dynamic Websites Now Generally Available

Today we’re excited to share that Support for Dynamic Websites is now generally available to all Optimizely X customers. With this capability, brands that were previously bottlenecked from scaling their program, can now truly optimize the experience of their single page applications. The move over the last few years towards fully-fledged browser-based applications, or dynamic […]

Accelerating Innovation for OneMain Financial

Founded in 1912, OneMain Financial is the largest personal loans provider in the United States. Contributing to the company’s longevity is a drive for continuous reinvention and innovation: OneMain Financial stays relevant to its market by making holistic business decisions around its product and marketing strategy. The company provides personalized, best-in-class service at their 1,600+ branches, […]

Experimenting with Engagement Metrics at the BBC

Experimenting with Engagement Metrics at the BBC

This post originally appeared on the BBC Data Science Blog. When speaking of optimization, most of us will think about increasing conversions and revenue in e-commerce, otherwise known as CRO (conversion rate optimization). More and more though, media and services brands are using experimentation as a means for increasing customer engagement and fostering loyalty; focusing […]