Opticon 2017 Call for Speakers

We’re looking for passionate business leaders, optimization experts, and customer experience pioneers. Share your story, and you might end up on stage.
Submissions end April 23rd, 2017 at 11:59pm PT.

All speakers selected to present on stage will get a free event ticket.

Track Descriptions

We will be organizing 3 separate tracks at our conference this year. Sessions submitted should fit into one of the following categories:

Creating a Culture of Experimentation: This track is geared towards executives and will touch upon example topics such as: ‘Making Customer Experience your Competitive Advantage’, ‘Building an Experimentation Culture’, ‘Industry Insights on the Marketing Tech Stack’.

Bold Ideas for Growth: This track is for testing novices and experimentation gurus. Examples of sessions include: ‘Getting Started with Experimentation’, ‘Going Beyond the Obvious with Advanced Experimentation’, ‘Build Your Career with Experimentation’.

Data, Developers, and Product Development: This track is geared towards web, app, backend developers, product managers, and data scientists. Example sessions we are looking for include: ‘Testing your product roadmap’, ‘Automate your data analysis with Stats Engine’, ‘Building a mobile app for growth and engagement’.

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