9 E-commerce Best Practices to Stand Out From a Saturated Market

ecommerce best practices

E-commerce is a challenging industry; a saturated market and mass availability of goods to consumers means that successfully capturing customers has become less about the products you offer and more about the experience you deliver to each user.

In this post, we’ll share tips sourced directly from our community of optimizers about how to best optimize your e-commerce experience for every funnel stage, across every device, taking into account both conversion best practices and design guidelines.

36 E-commerce Homepage Design Best Practices from the Experts

ecommerce homepage design best practices

The homepage is often the highest traffic page on an ecommerce site. This single page is responsible for building trust, driving sales, and creating lifelong customers.

Creating an effective homepage can be a difficult task. If you have hundreds or thousands of products in dozens of categories, it can be difficult to put together a homepage that effectively showcases your products without being too overwhelming.

To help provide advice on the latest ecommerce homepage design best practices, we reached out to over a dozen experts in the ecommerce space who shared their best tips on how to create an effective homepage.

The Light At the End of the Funnel: Adventures in Getting Users to Do Stuff

mobile funnel testing

Do you have something you want to sell? Do you have users? If you answered yes to both these questions, then you probably have to get your users through some kind of a funnel.

That’s tough. When we set out to do this for a financial services company recently, we thought we knew a lot already (after all, this company had already achieved product-market fit). But what we learned surprised us.

Optimizely Now Available Via Twitter Fabric

Optimizely Twitter Fabric

We’re excited to announce that Optimizely is joining the Twitter Fabric developer toolset. Fabric is a modular mobile platform that makes it easy for developers to install and maintain SDKs within their apps.

In the past, Fabric only supported Twitter’s proprietary SDKs, such as Crashlytics and MoPub. Starting today, developers can use Optimizely with Fabric and begin A/B testing with a single click. Twitter has already started rolling out this integration to a select group of whitelisted users and will soon add support for all developers using Fabric.

4 Questions Every Optimization Team Needs to Answer

4 questions every optimization team needs to answer

How do you create a world-leading optimization team? One that you can trust to consistently deliver ROI year after year? Dedicated internal CRO teams are becoming increasingly common within businesses. As more and more companies adopt the testing culture, they start to ask the same questions:

– Where should we start testing?
– What happens when tests start losing?
– Is there an “optimization ceiling”? When is it reached?
– How do you prove a testing program’s value over time?

Optimizely Raises $58 Million to Optimize the World

Optimizely Series C Funding

Today is an exciting day because we’ve secured $58 million in Series C funding, led by Index Ventures. I’m thrilled that Ilya Fushman, General Partner at Index Ventures, is joining Optimizely’s Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of experience to Optimizely and has plenty of thoughts on optimization.

For us, our customers, and our partners, this new round of funding represents an opportunity for Optimizely to focus on our long-term objectives of building products that will enable every company to provide their customers with the best possible experiences.

How Online Surveys Helped Teespring Increase Conversion by 12.7%


Online survey tools are essential for collecting qualitative feedback from your visitors and users, coloring in the full picture of what you know about their behavior from website analytics. To determine whether you’re addressing their pain points, test changes to your checkout funnel informed by online survey feedback. Learn how Teespring diligently captured customer feedback to uncover a double-digit conversion increase from a straightforward change.

Optimizely Personalization is Here

Optimizely Personalization Editor

Today, we’re taking a major step in making personalization accessible to every business by announcing the general availability of Optimizely Personalization. We’ve taken the nebulous concept of personalization and broken it down into something that any business can get value from. We’ve built a solution that integrates each aspect of personalization in one seamless workflow. We believe our new product will do for personalization what we did for A/B testing: unlock the potential of an emerging innovative practice and make it accessible to companies of all sizes.

Trunk Club Increased Mobile App Conversions 43% By Adding This Step

Mobile app conversions

Mobile app optimization helps the Trunk Club team ensure that their app is efficient at converting browsers to customers, but it also helped them with an important discovery—finding the right customers to focus on, which means stylists can focus their attention on customers that are most likely to purchase clothing from their trunks.