13 E-commerce Conversion Optimization Case Studies

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Ideas for A/B tests can come from the darnedest places. But there’s nothing like case studies from other similar companies to get the hypothesis juices flowing. Here are 13 e-commerce conversion optimization case studies from Optimizely customers. Each one has a clear takeaway you can use as inspiration for your own test hypotheses. Scroll forth and grow that list of experiment ideas!

3 E-commerce Marketing Trends Buzzing at IRCE 2015

A bustling IRCE Exhibit Hall in 2014.

Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibit (IRCE) kicks off today with close to 10,000 people in attendance to learn and share best practices in online retail. To prepare for my time at the conference, I did my research on some of the most talked about trends in e-commerce today.

I’ll be attending sessions and asking attendees the big questions outlined in this blog post. Stayed tuned for Part II, where I’ll compile my findings. Stop by Optimizely at booth 765 if you’re at IRCE to discuss the trends and questions below.

Case Study: Testing Personalized Experiences at Secret Escapes

secret escapes search personalization

This is part two of an optimization case study with Secret Escapes, a flash-sale luxury travel company. In part one we covered how Secret Escapes used Optimizely to experiment on their iOS app onboarding flow, double signup rate, and generate positive ROI from paid mobile marketing.

In this post, we’ll dig into another series of experiments that are driving continual increases in new user signups and revenue. In both experiments, Secret Escapes is testing the impact of personalized experiences.

How to Make the Most of Opticon 2015

View of the Ferry Building in San Francisco, a few blocks away from Opticon 2015.

Opticon is comin’ in hot! …with only 19 days before the world’s leading experts in experience optimization and personalization descend on San Francisco for two days of learning, networking, knowledge-dropping…and of course, an insane amount of fun.

While it may not be time to pack your suitcase just yet, it’s never too early to start preparing for a meaningful conference experience. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make the most out of your time at the conference, with recommendations for prepping beforehand, maximizing your time during, and following up on your experience after the conference.

How Secret Escapes Increased LTV and Doubled Signup on Mobile

Secret Escapes iOS app

Secret Escapes is a flash-sale luxury travel company that offers discounted deals on four and five-star hotels around the world. The business is growing quickly with 300% YoY growth, expanding to markets in Germany and the U.S. with a base of 10 million+ members on their iOS/Android apps and website.

As a high-growth business in the extremely competitive online travel market, Secret Escapes cannot afford to make changes to any of their digital properties that might throw off this momentum. That’s why Secret Escapes runs all app and website changes—no matter how small—as Optimizely experiments first before rolling them out live.

What Marketers Can Learn From Slack’s CMO

Bill Macaitis

Slack is on fire. The company has record-setting growth metrics. It is adding $1 million dollars of ARR every 11 days. As of April 2015, over 750,000 people use the team messaging app daily. The entire story looks quite impressive on charts. And it looks equally impressive through the eyes of Bill Macaitis, Slack’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Marketers can learn a lot from Slack’s approach to marketing, especially their laser focus on creating the highest quality user experience possible — and measuring it. I’ll share a few lessons marketers can takeaway from Bill’s AMA.

How Testing Everything Transformed Blu Dot’s Retail Business


Blu Dot tests everything. Really. I know what you’re thinking. Is testing everything possible? Is it even practical? The answer is yes on both counts. This is the very true story of a company that, within two years, evolved from never having conducted a split test to an organization that is continuously developing, prioritizing and validating hypotheses—big and small, broad and targeted.

How to Wisely A/B Test WordPress Headlines With Optimizely

Wordpress Headline A/B Testing

Love it or hate it, headline testing has proven to be a necessary tool for media sites to use in order to stay competitive in the quest for clicks. Testing every headline is a great way to increase clicks, engagements, and social shares and create a culture of testing and experimentation needed to survive in this fast-paced digital world.

In this post, we walk through how publishers running their sites on WordPress can experiment with headlines using the Optimizely A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress.