6 Reasons Optimizely Partners Can’t Miss Opticon 2015

Opticon 2014 Keynote

The excitement leading up to Opticon is palpable. With 70+ expert speakers announced and more to come, we couldn’t be more pumped about what Opticon 2015 will offer the optimization industry. As an Optimizely partner, you can expect a wealth of networking, collaboration and celebration of customer successes at Opticon.

In the spirit of partnership, we want to share 6 reasons why Opticon is a can’t miss event for our partners.

A Mobile Website Optimization Case Study: Hotwire’s Cars Page

android phone

This is the last post in a three-part series about the optimization program at Hotwire, an Expedia, Inc. company.

At Hotwire, mobile apps and mobile web experiences are a core part of how travelers book flights, hotels, and car rentals. Travel customers’ research and booking needs are uniquely mobile, and their on-the-go experience should help them meet their goals quickly and seamlessly.

When Hotwire’s Lead Product Manager for Site Optimization started working with the Cars line of business to optimize their conversion funnels, the Cars mobile website experience hadn’t been updated for several years. This is the story of how they optimized it.

5 Tips on Selling the Gift of Conversion Optimisation to Your Boss

Give the gift of optimization

Picture this: you are a superhero and you have a gift for your boss that will improve the entire company — it’s conversion optimisation. Conversion optimisation is one of the most impactful strategies marketers can employ to drive substantial growth of a business. Despite this, convincing senior management of a new strategic and ongoing process is often more challenging than it should be.

In this post, we provide tactical takeaways to help you sell CRO to your boss.

10 Tips for Hosting a Successful A/B Testing Hackathon

techcrunch disrupt hackathon

There is no better way to find new testing ideas, generate excitement about testing, and push the boundaries of optimization than to host a testing hackathon.

The gist of a hackathon is simple: put a lot of people in a big room together for two days with very few rules and see what they’re able to produce. The results are usually incredible.

In our two testing hackathons, we’ve not only spread a passion for testing throughout Webs, we’ve also learned a lot about how to put on a successful one. I want to share those learnings with others out there looking to jumpstart their optimization!

A Method for Prioritizing A/B Test Ideas That Won’t Hurt Feelings

organizing backlog of experiments

Prioritization is the million-dollar question in optimization programs. It gets at the heart of our most frequently-asked question at Optimizely: “What should I test?” A strong prioritization process arms a growth marketer with the answer: “Here’s what we’ll test, in what order, and here’s why.”

Last week, we met Pauline Marol, the Lead Product Manager for optimization at Hotwire. Pauline’s prioritization process is a framework that keeps her optimization engine running smoothly with hundreds of ideas in the backlog and helps the very best ideas surface so they can be tested quickly.

As Pauline describes it, her prioritization “removes the emotion from A/B testing.”

An Interview with an Optimizer at Princess Cruises


Princess Cruises takes optimization seriously. The cruise line, part of the Carnival Corporation, has a team dedicated to A/B testing and optimization of the shopping and booking experience on princess.com. In this interview we talk with E-Commerce Project Manager, Abel Ramos about how test ideas can come from anywhere (even cruise guests), why patience is vital for optimization, what he’s excited to share as a speaker at Opticon 2015 and more.