How to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook

What is the best time to post to facebook?

Have you ever wondered how to get more engagement with your social media posts? What about whether there is a special hour or day when your friends are more likely to be online? Well, I’ve asked myself the same questions, and I’ve finally found the answer. More precisely, I’ve built a solution to answer these questions and open sourced the script I used so you can use it to understand your own set of friends.

3 Ingredients for High Converting Landing Pages

Ingredients of High converting landing pages

One of the most high-impact ways to boost top-of-the-funnel conversions is through A/B testing and therefore optimizing your landing pages. Landing page optimization is a method of improving your landing page design to increase engagement, generate more leads, and produce more desired actions. Landing pages are lucrative places to focus your optimization efforts because they are the hub of lead generation efforts for your business, and quite often, they’re templatized. Uncovering a win on one landing page could lead to exponential wins on similar landing pages as well.

Here are some key ingredients to help you build a well-optimized, high converting landing page.

How Top of The Funnel A/B Tests Help Determine Your Website Content

top of the funnel a/b tests

What if you need to quickly come up with some new blog ideas, or you have to redo the copy on a page before the tight deadline your client or boss sent you. Where can you get instant feedback from?

Your top of the funnel A/B tests.

If you’re running social media, advertising or email campaigns, you’re probably doing some A/B testing on them to optimize the click-through rates. Let’s have a look at how you can use this in your website and blog copy.

Announcing Enhanced Optimizely Partner Programs & Developer Site

A glimpse of Optimizely Solutions and Technology partners.

Partnerships are absolutely crucial to what we do at Optimizely. From the technology partners that let our customers integrate Optimizely experiments with data from other software, to the solutions partners who provide training, strategy, and technical expertise to make our customers successful, we are deeply invested in building a best-in-class partnership ecosystem. I am thrilled to share news about enhancements to the Solutions and Technology Partner programs as well as a new Developer site.

How JustGiving is Raising Millions More Online with Simple Experiments

The product team at JustGiving, has done a lot of work over the years to increase social sharing: we’ve added more social sharing functionality and made it easier to share.

In January this year, we decided to run our first test to see if we could increase post-donation sharing by appealing to different motivations. So we designed a simple A/B test on the copy to see if a different message would increase the proportion of people who shared news about their donation with their social network. Given the volume of donations we process, a small change could have a massive impact.