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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

E-“quip”-ping product teams to be more data driven

Sometimes tracking a key metric to validate an experiment is only half the battle. This sentiment is shared by the product team at quip, an eCommerce store where you can buy next-generation electric toothbrushes and other oral health supplies. Recently, they learned that making sure your experimentation platform, Optimizely in their case, integrates with the […]

24 Experiments that You Can Build and Launch Today

When you’re starting your experimentation journey it can be tough to figure out where to start. I often hear from my customers that they’ve hit a rut and are short for hypotheses that can keep program momentum going. These are not rare places to be! The lifeblood of a program is having hypotheses to test […]

5 Best Practices for Server Side A/B Testing

With feature rollouts, your application has the ability to simultaneously deliver two different experiences: one with the feature on and another with the feature off. But how do you know which one is better? And how can you use data to determine which is best for your users and the metrics you care about? An […]

Optimizely x Segment 5 ways to make us even better together

The Digital Labs Series kicked off on 18th November and it’s designed to help you build a smarter tech stack. Our first event featured customer data specialists Segment, who demonstrated five essential ways to create the ultimate customer experience using the powerful combination of Segment and Optimizely.  Here are five ways to make us even […]

Powerful PMs Steal with Pride and Test Everywhere

Powerful PMs Steal with Pride and Test Everywhere

Product leaders from AMC Networks, Cameo, and Scholl’s came together (virtually) to explore how to use experimentation to deliver better customer experiences and business outcomes. Watch the talks for how to use experimentation, remote configuration, and beta testing to make every feature successful and be a more powerful Product Manager. Let’s dig into a few […]

Optimizely Launches Labs: An Integration Hub to Further Enhance its Technology Ecosystem

Optimizely Launches Labs: An Integration Hub to Further Enhance its Technology Ecosystem

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Optimizely Labs Platform. Optimizely Labs was built out of the need of many Optimizely customers: Getting step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of Optimizely’s digital experience platform through APIs, integrations, and custom solutions. For companies looking to thrive online, a smart technology […]

Top 5 Takeways from Opticon20

Top 5 Takeways from Opticon20

This year’s Opticon20 is in the books! Over 2,600 people joined us virtually across North America and Europe. Opticon20 was focused on the science of getting it right and highlighted key lessons from 37 digital leaders about how they are using data-driven experimentation and progressive delivery to build better experiences for their customers.  It featured […]