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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

How Optimizely is Building a Culture of Product Experimentation

Why Product Experimentation? Before I joined Optimizely, I worked at Microsoft on what was once the world’s leading internet browser, Internet Explorer. For those of us who have forgotten about this great browser, here’s a screenshot: As an engineer, I was tasked to work with a product manager on developing an algorithm for determining the […]

Why siloed optimization goals limit success

If there was a glass ceiling for experimentation, it would be scalability and measurement. One of the key challenges for experimenters lies in developing a strategy that will enable them to scale their optimization program and create the right metrics to effectively measure its success.   The most innovative of organizations have multiple teams testing, […]

Ask an Experimenter: Kevin Chen, Growth PM at Reddit

Welcome to the third installation of Ask an Experimenter, a new series where we interview experts about how they are building a culture of experimentation at their companies. This interview features Kevin Chen, Growth Product Manager at Reddit. Kevin works on the strategy, roadmap, and execution of push notifications and email products for Reddit. Tell us a […]

Forbes Japan: Discover What Comes Next With ‘A/B Testing’

A couple of weeks ago we spoke with Forbes Japan, for its November issue, to discuss the power of experimentation and how we enable customers to make business decisions by eliminating guesswork. Digital experience optimization is the most significant technology to accelerate a company’s success in an increasingly competitive digital world. Not only do we […]

Data is king in IBM’s marketing department — these are the tools it uses to make sure it’s getting the most bang for its marketing buck

Data is king in IBM’s marketing department — these are the tools it uses to make sure it’s getting the most bang for its marketing buck

To give IBM’s marketing team an edge, Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Peluso commissioned a bespoke platform that puts all of its marketing and audience data in one place. That platform is called Pearl. Its key feature is the ability to visualize campaign effectiveness. To do this, Pearl aggregated data from numerous third-party marketing resources, and […]

Getting Technical: Developer Night at Opticon18

Getting Technical: Developer Night at Opticon18

Last week, we hosted our second annual Developer Night @ Opticon18, sponsored by Heap. Over 170 people showed up to listen to the lightning talks and watch the live demos. From experimenting on Alexa skills to integrating with analytics platforms, and integrating with other developer tools we covered a lot of ground. Read on for […]