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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

How Culture Helps You Win

The most important factor in the success or demise of your company is its culture. This is a lesson I learned over the last fifteen years from my experience working at Google, the 2008 Obama campaign, and now as the co-founder of Optimizely.  We recently had the opportunity to showcase our culture as part of […]

Crate & Barrel Accelerates their Optimization Program

Personalization has been the holy grail since the internet first became a commercial enterprise as a tool for optimal customer experience. It has also historically been difficult to have the right data, to have enough data and to utilize the data in a way that benefits the customer as opposed to annoys them. Just because […]

Opticon19: Bigger And Better Than Ever

Experimentation and optimization are at the heart of everything we do at Optimizely, so we’ve taken attendee feedback to make this year’s conference, Opticon19, bigger and better than ever. Read on to learn about the top five changes we’ve made to the conference to make it a better experience for every attendee. Luminary keynotes We’re […]

Retail and the Digital Experience Economy

Retail has always been hard —keeping up with changing customer expectations, maintaining loyalty, engaging employees— and it’s only getting harder. Now, retail businesses that embrace digital experimentation, and in the process benefit their customers, improve the chances of their own survival. Growth in retail is coming largely from e-commerce (Deloitte), and digital retail is dominated […]

I/Own It: Creating opportunity for those underrepresented in tech

In 2015, Jenny Lin, a former Optimizely Engineering Manager, had a novel idea about how to help more women break into tech. The idea was I/Own It, a comprehensive program that would develop entry-level skills, via a software engineering bootcamp, and offer professional experience, through a three-month internship. Four years later, Optimizely, in partnership with […]

Interning at Optimizely: Building Software and Community

In June, I moved to San Francisco to intern at Optimizely as a Software Engineering Intern with the Data Services team. Data Services manages customer and product data from over 20 external systems. This data is then leveraged across Optimizely to enable the entire organization to make critical business decisions in a data-informed manner. In […]

Summertime and The Hacking is Easy

Summer. A time for baseball. Grilling. And if you’re at Optimizely, Summer Hack Week. I love Hack Week. It’s consistently one of my favorite times at Optimizely. As Optimizely’s co-founder, Dan Siroker, puts it: “If an idea was clearly a good idea, then people would have already done it. For this reason, a lot of […]

Talking Shop with Investor Howard Lindzon about DTC

Howard Lindzon is an investor, social media maven and impossibly funny human being. I first got to know Howard around the time that Twitter was taking off and the only thing that surpasses his wisdom and insight with respect to the markets is his generosity in sharing exactly what he’s thinking, and perhaps equally importantly, […]