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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Forrester on Must-Have eCommerce Features

Digital paralysis got you down? Conscious of the need to innovate on your eCommerce game but unsure exactly how to improve? In a Forrester report from April of this year, author Suchariti Kodali offers up well researched and highly prescriptive counsel on exactly how to approach improving your company’s eCommerce offering. With tips for site […]

How to Manage Outdated Feature Flags

Not cleaning up feature flags can introduce risk to your code base. Learn how Feature Flag Removal Day can lead to better feature management. Feature flags (aka feature toggles) are a gold standard of agile software development and continuous integration for good reason: they help teams deliver new features to customers safely, and with better […]

Collaboration simplified with Optimizely + Jira

What is one major challenge of cross-company collaboration? What’s that you say? Diverse platforms that don’t communicate with each other? We’re excited to announce that our second release of Optimizely for Jira is now available. Optimizely will now integrate with Jira to enable cross-functional collaboration for all experiments.  This integration allows customers of both platforms […]

The Opticon19 Agenda Is Here!

How do global enterprises like Salesforce, IBM, and Cox Automotive, and digital disruptors like Mailchimp, Classpass, and Atlassian deliver amazing digital experiences to their customers while outperforming the competition? With experimentation. And at Opticon19, you’ll hear from experts from each of these companies on exactly how they do it. By attending Opticon, you’ll see firsthand […]

Are You Ready for Your Earthquake Moment?

Many of us who work in marketing are familiar with the Oreo Moment. The Super Bowl. 2013. The lights go out in the Superdome in New Orleans and Oreo, equipped with a war room to man their Twitter feed delivers the ultimate tweet, “Power out, no problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” It […]

Ashton Kutcher to Keynote Opticon19

Opticon19 is the largest gathering of Digital Experience Optimization and a must-attend conference for anyone looking to uplevel their experimentation, personalization, and optimization skill set. The conference is two full days of sessions, inspiring speakers and networking. We are excited to share that Ashton Kutcher, co-founder of Sound Ventures and co-founder of Thorn: Digital Defenders […]

Feature Flags: 3 Uses Cases for your Development Cycle

Feature flags allow you to slowly rollout your feature gradually rather than doing a risky big bang launch and are extremely helpful when used in a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment. However, when integrating feature flags into your development cycle it can be difficult to know where to start. I’m Asa, Optimizely’s Developer Advocate. […]

Personalization Just Got More Personal

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new Personalization capability we are calling Adaptive Audiences. Optimizely’s Adaptive Audiences gives marketers an entirely new way to personalize experiences. It gives you the control of rules-based targeting, with the reach and scale of automated personalization. The idea is to use machine learning to match […]