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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Opticon19 Day One: A View from the Show

Day one of Opticon19 has just wrapped. It was a full day of networking around the triumphs and challenges of the world of experimentation, as well as a slew of new product launches set to help foster experimentation culture and drive its adoption. As CEO Jay Larson put it, experimentation is “the next big thing […]

All the Opticon19 Keynote Product Announcements

All the Opticon19 Keynote Product Announcements

Opticon19, the premier digital experience optimization conference, kicked off this morning in San Francisco. This year’s keynote, hosted by Jay Larson, Optimizely’s CEO, focused on how today’s digital leaders outperform the competition and rapidly adapt to changing customer expectations by replacing digital guesswork with iterative experimentation. The Optimizely product team, led by SVP of Product […]

Introducing Optimizely Data Lab

Introducing Optimizely Data Lab

As we kick off Opticon19 today, we’d like to share something we’ve been working very hard on. It’s the first step in a direction we’re excited about, and I think many of you are going to be as well. Ten years ago, Dan Siroker and I founded Optimizely to help people use experiments to make […]

Introducing Performance Edge: Making Web Experiments Run Blazingly Fast

Introducing Performance Edge: Making Web Experiments Run Blazingly Fast

Today, we’re excited to announce Performance Edge, a giant leap forward in experiment performance, available today in Early Access. Performance Edge makes experiments run faster by moving experiment processing from the browser to the edge (CDN). In our testing, we’ve seen web experiments using Performance Edge load in less than 50 milliseconds (faster than the […]

Quantify the ROI of Your Experimentation Program

The Optimizely ROI Model was created to empower experimenters like you to better understand and demonstrate the value experimentation is driving within your business. Most of you are so busy driving significant business gains through experimentation that there isn’t time to do the data analysis to develop a credible model. Yet this is what you […]

Five Tips to Grow Your Experimentation Culture

Digital Experiences, from Instagram to Uber and from DoorDash to Spotify, are now an essential part of our lives. As the Digital Experience Economy has matured, it has become ever more vital for brands to continually stay ahead of both the consumer and their competition in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. In […]

Personalization from A to Z with AdWeek Branded

Personalization. It seems like a simple concept, but doing personalization the right way is more than simply using someone’s name in an email. Personalization at its core is understanding audience behaviors to deliver the most relevant and – well – personalized experience possible to drive engagement. Think of disruptors like Netflix who have built their […]

Five tips for getting the most out of Opticon19

Opticon, our annual digital experimentation conference, is one of the most exciting times of the year for the Product Marketing team at Optimizely. Anyone who has previously been may relate to this sentiment. If you have yet to attend, this is the event where teams learn to accelerate performance and push the boundaries of experimentation […]