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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Hey Engineers, Come Play in the Optimizely Sandbox!

 A Sandbox with Step-by-Step API Tutorials Today we are excited to release a set of step-by-step tutorials and a “sandbox” page for anyone who’d like to learn more about using Optimizely’s JavaScript Client API. Our JS API enables a wide range of deeper integrations. Here are the integrations we cover in the tutorials: tracking custom […]

Mo’ Users, Mo’ Problems? Not Anymore.

Introducing User Roles As our customer base grows, so does the number of people using Optimizely within a company. Optimization teams are sprouting up all over the place and expanding quickly. We’ve seen great examples of companies starting testing workshops, where everyone who would use Optimizely gathers in a room to do nothing but test […]

Testing Your Messages: Framing for Increased Conversions

Testing Theory: Academic Studies You’ll Actually Use is a series that provides practical testing ideas based on the study of how people make decisions (formally known as behavioral economics). A common piece of advice in the AB testing space is to test headlines and images to find the combination that yields maximum value. But there […]

Optimizely is Heating Up with ClickTale and Crazy Egg

Heat maps are an incredible asset to website optimization. Whether it’s actual mouse movements, concentration of clicks, or scrolling patterns, heat maps convey a story numbers cannot express. Pairing information from a heat map of your web page with the ability to optimize that page with A/B testing is a match made in conversion heaven. […]

‘Tis the Season – to Make Sure Your Retargeting is Holiday-Ready

‘Tis the Season – to Make Sure Your Retargeting is Holiday-Ready

This is a guest post from Jonathan Lau, content and marketing manager at AdRoll, a leading retargeting platform. It’s go time for marketers! While customers are busy wading through department stores bursting with decorations or beginning to research potential present ideas for grandma online, marketers are executing strategy carefully-devised many months ago. A marketer’s preparation […]

3 Essential Tips for Testing Online Forms

We are excited to have Jeff Blettner, a web designer and conversion optimization specialist from Formstack as our guest blogger for today. Formstack is a leading online form builder. As forms are an easy target for CRO efforts, we are pleased to feature his insights. Working at Formstack, I’ve seen first-hand how important online forms […]

Testing Theory: The Importance of Default Selections

Welcome to the first post in Testing Theory: Academic Findings You Can Actually Use. This series is a stepping stone to creating better tests by providing practical testing ideas based on the study of how people make decisions (formally known as behavioral economics). Optimizely has made it incredibly easy to A/B test any change you […]

Watch: AB Testing Ideas for E-Commerce Sites

In a webinar last week, we shared ideas for how e-commerce sites can use AB testing to improve their conversion rates this holiday season. As site traffic peaks for many businesses between November and February, so does the potential for fast results from AB tests. Watch how simple AB tests can go a long way […]

Simple Image Test Increases Revenue 40% for ZAGG

Simple Image Test Increases Revenue 40% for ZAGG

Background ZAGG is one of the largest e-commerce sites for mobile electronic accessories. After success selling the invisibleSHIELD in 2006, ZAGG has grown with the industry into a leading online marketplace for mobile device accessories of all types. Challenge and Goals The product pages on presently utilize three types of imagery for product display: […]