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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

“Is it done yet?” Getting real about calling a test

Updated May 8, 2014 Optimizely is a product that was created so that anyone—regardless of technical ability—could run A/B tests on their website. We know that getting up and running with a testing tool is only half the battle. In order to truly excel with website optimization, you also need to understand how to interpret […]

Why A Great Customer Support Team Generates Successful Customers

Why A Great Customer Support Team Generates Successful Customers

I was the first person hired to do customer support at Optimizely. This was two years ago when the company consisted of two co-founders and two engineers. It’s a good sign that even at the very beginning customer support was a top priority. I came from a technical background and didn’t have too much experience working with customers directly. This gave me an opportunity to approach my position from a new perspective.

This Team Has Data, Not Opinions: A/B Testing at the Romney 2012 Campaign

This Team Has Data, Not Opinions: A/B Testing at the Romney 2012 Campaign

From day one, Mitt Romney’s digital campaign team understood a common truth: the campaign is not a creativity contest – what looks best and what works best for the website is not always the same.

“We tried to be very conscious that this team doesn’t have creative opinions, this team has data,” says Ryan Meerstein, a senior political analyst from Targeted Victory, the agency who ran testing and optimization for the Romney campaign. “It’s hard for the team to argue with a graph that proves what works and what doesn’t.”

Just because you can…

Today’s guest blog is from Kyle Duford, Director of eCommerce at Chrome Industries. Previously, Kyle managed eCommerce at Speck. Growing up my Dad had a few choice catchphrases — mostly ones I can’t write here. “Life is like a big wheel, what goes around comes around,” he’d say at just the moment the young version […]

Kyle Rush on Optimizely, Testing, and Obama [Part One]

Kyle Rush on Optimizely, Testing, and Obama [Part One]

We interviewed Kyle Rush of the 2012 Obama for America Digital Team about A/B testing at the campaign.  What has your relationship been like with A/B testing? Did you do any testing before joining the Obama campaign? Before the campaign I was working at Blue State Digital, where I kind of got my feet wet […]

What exactly is a ‘conversion’? It’s up to you!

The goal of any A/B test is to compare two (or more) versions of a web page and see which version performs best. What “performs best” actually means is entirely up to you and depending on the test’s goals, it could mean any number of things. But however you define “performs best,” you’ll measure this […]

How Obama’s Campaign Team Sourced A/B Tests from User Feedback

When thinking about A/B testing, the pivotal question is what to test. Ideally you should focus your testing efforts on the page elements that are most likely to have an impact. A great source of discovery for high impact elements can come from focusing on the user experience. Usability studies, user experience research, heuristic evaluations, […]