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Analytics are essential to making sense of all the data that is coming into our websites and mobile apps. Learn how to make sense of the data in your analytics platforms and how to use analytics data to generate A/B testing hypothesis and make actionable business decisions.

Creating Excellent Hypotheses with Website Analytics and User Research

Creating Excellent Hypotheses with Website Analytics and User Research

For an optimization team to be successful in reaching an aggressive revenue goal, both quantity and quality of experiments must be high. To support a focus on testing velocity, a strong backlog of experiment ideas is essential.

In this third installment of our spotlight on the optimization team at Move. Inc (the operator of realtor.com), we look at a couple of the thoroughly vetted experiment ideas that the team has tested.

In Product Image Tests, A Wash is Sometimes a Win

In Product Image Tests, A Wash is Sometimes a Win

For online retailers, product images are paramount. Imagery must help make up for the fact that the buyer is sitting behind (or holding) a flat screen and cannot factor tactile experience into the purchase decision. Imagery possibilities can also be endless: Do you go with models or no models? 360-degree shots or static? Product videos? Which thumbnail is the best default? Experimenting with how products are displayed on your website is thus a very valuable and lucrative thing to A/B test.

Segment Customers, Now You Can Send Analytics Data to Optimizely!

Thanks to a handy new integration, Segment customers can send custom event and revenue data to Optimizely. Segment allows it’s customers to set up tracking for events once and then use that data across multiple analytics platforms. Additionally, Segment customers can send data from Optimizely to other integration partners, such as email platforms Customer.io and Vero.

Optimization Intro Essentials: 5 Tips for Testing Triumphs

Are you new to website optimization? Are you an old-timer with hundreds of tests under your belt? Either way, take these tips as a foundation for any testing endeavors you may (and should) embark on. 1. Getting started: Your site is better than you think! Website optimization starts with exploration. First, it’s crucial to understand […]