B2B case studies and best practices for using A/B testing and conversion rate optimization to increase leads, drive expansion, and reduce churn for your B2B business.

50 B2B Lead Generation Ideas from the Experts


Leads are the lifeblood of any B2B company; and we, for one, are never going to turn down ideas that can drum up more of them. A/B testing is a great way to test out new ideas for generating more leads from your website, and to determine which ideas work best.

Coming up with new ideas for how to increase leads can be a challenge, so we went out and interviewed some of the top experts in lead generation to get their best B2B lead generation ideas.

Capture the Right Leads: B2B Website Personalization in 4 Steps

b2b website personalization image

Is your homepage compelling enough to capture the attention of each and every visitor? What if that visitor is from the healthcare industry? And the next one is from financial services?

Real-time personalization is the key to having a website that captures the attention of multiple audiences. In this post, we’ll share four steps to help you understand and get started with B2B website personalization.

What’s In Your Marketing Technology Stack?

marketing technology stack and team

VPs from 99designs, Demandbase, and Hipmunk weigh in on how they structure their marketing technology stacks.

We’ll share their best practices for building a high-performing team and seamless marketing stack that enables them to deliver the best experience at every customer touchpoint. We’ll also cover how they measure success, and who they’re still hoping to add to their teams in the future.

5 Onboarding Techniques to Convert Trials into Paying Customers

convert free trials to paying customer

If the sign-up rate for your product’s free trial is high, then you’re doing something right. It’s a great sign if people are willing to take time and give up some information to try out your software for a few weeks.

But are they really trying it? Are they making full use of the trial or just taking a quick glance and disappearing?

Benchmark data says 80% of your free trial users are doing just that — fading away never to become a paying customer.

The truth is that turning free trial users into paying customers is just as important as getting people to try your product. These are five examples of email marketing and A/B testing strategies that can improve your company’s free trial to paying customer conversion rates.

Optimizing Content: How Kevy Writes More Without Writing Worse

Workspace station

Brooke Beach has a challenge common amongst many: producing a lot of content with limited resources without sacrificing quality.

Sound familiar?

Her marketing team has come up with a system that combines data from website analytics, marketing automation, and live chat to help create the right content for the right audiences. Intrigued as to how live chat contributes to this optimization equation, I talked to Brooke about how they go about it, and the impact it’s had on the business.

How To A/B Test Price When You Have A Sales Team

bigstock-Half-price-save-promotional-s-34234742 (1)

One key element of an experience to A/B test is price. Steven Sinofsky, a board member at Andreessen Horowitz recently wrote that, “Nothing is more critical to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business than pricing strategy.” I totally agree and experimenting is a key piece of pricing strategy. Testing things like how price is displayed, amount to charge, and how often is all part of the puzzle.

This post will walk you through our price test: how we answered each of these questions by setting it up in Optimizely, adding experiment details into Salesforce, and what we learned so you can run A/B experiments on your price too.

How My Startup Achieved Huge Business Growth By A/B Testing

Keep It Simple

As a young marketer, I am always looking for that giant growth opportunity, one that is going to wow the Board of Directors, or my CEO. Oftentimes, we as marketers want to immediately turn to the idea of something completely fresh—an entirely new campaign or a new tool we think will give us an edge over our competitors. More often than not however, the big changes we are looking for are actually small hacks that could be found with some simple A/B tests.

An A/B Test that Improved Lead Quality for a B2B Sales Team by 140%

Focus On Quality

Often times in website optimization, A/B test goals present tradeoffs. One such testing tradeoff for Business-to-Business (B2B) sites is optimizing for lead quality versus lead quantity.

This post is a story about how Iron Mountain, a B2B information software and management company, focused on (and solved) a lead quality problem.

comScore Increases New Leads 69% by Adding a Customer Logo


Social proof is a topic talked about frequently in online marketing. It is widely agreed upon that showing off logos of happy customers and testimonials on the website positively affects sales. But how do you best use testimonials to turn more new visitors into leads?

Learn how comScore A/B tested to discover a design that increased leads from product pages by 69%.