A/B Testing Best Practices

A/B testing and optimization best practices from leading CRO experts.

Apply Emotions and Learn More from Your A/B Tests

apply emotion ab tests

A large opportunity for improvement exists in the realm of optimization. Most marketers optimize their websites and campaigns on pure intuition alone and this approach is problematic.

For instance, if you merely change the color of a button or the position of a lead capture box on a landing page, the results you will get are quite limited.

A/B testing can be so much more. It can help us tap into our customer’s emotional needs, goals and help us build a better customer journey that will grow our business. In order to do this you have to test differently. Instead of testing elements, you need to start testing concepts using behavioural and emotional methodologies.

3 Tips to Improve Your A/B Testing Process

tips to improve ab testing process

In the long-term, your A/B testing process is one of the most important factors driving performance of your conversion optimization efforts.

I want to share three tips that will make your A/B testing process more impactful. We use these techniques on daily basis to convince companies to invest in CRO, spot real customer problems, and run long-term optimization programs more efficiently.

The three techniques described below enabled us to finish the process quickly, bring conversion rate uplift, and keep ourselves well-oriented through the multitude of tests.

3 A/B Testing Case Studies on Seeking The Global Maximum

seek the global maximum

As the following case studies reveal, there are huge wins to be had from thinking big and being open to questioning the status quo. There are also important revelations lurking in smaller tests that can point the way to a major redesign. And sometimes testing is the only way to find true north amidst the chaos and confusion of major changes.

9 E-commerce Best Practices to Stand Out From a Saturated Market

ecommerce best practices

E-commerce is a challenging industry; a saturated market and mass availability of goods to consumers means that successfully capturing customers has become less about the products you offer and more about the experience you deliver to each user.

In this post, we’ll share tips sourced directly from our community of optimizers about how to best optimize your e-commerce experience for every funnel stage, across every device, taking into account both conversion best practices and design guidelines.

What Marketers Can Learn From Slack’s CMO

Bill Macaitis

Slack is on fire. The company has record-setting growth metrics. It is adding $1 million dollars of ARR every 11 days. As of April 2015, over 750,000 people use the team messaging app daily. The entire story looks quite impressive on charts. And it looks equally impressive through the eyes of Bill Macaitis, Slack’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Marketers can learn a lot from Slack’s approach to marketing, especially their laser focus on creating the highest quality user experience possible — and measuring it. I’ll share a few lessons marketers can takeaway from Bill’s AMA.

6 Ways to Generate A/B Test Hypotheses

Fall leaves

The story of Phineas Gage is one you may have heard in a college neuroscience class. While setting a powder charge in a rock outcropping, Phineas’ tamping iron unexpectedly sparked. The explosion propelled the 3 ½-foot iron bar into Phineas’ head—in through his left cheek, through his frontal lobe behind his left eye, then out through the top of his skull. Somehow, he survived.

So why would I write about this topic on a blog about optimization? Well, today’s marketing and product professionals would be wise to incorporate the “Phineas Gage” persona into their optimization strategies because his post-accident behavior is shockingly similar to the that of the average web visitor.

User Testing: A Pillar of Great Experiments

If this temple in Agrigento Sicily island in Italy was an experiment, then user testing would be one of its pillars .

If you’re working on optimizing your conversion rate, chances are, you’ve already done some testing on your website. Maybe it’s A/B testing or multivariate testing, or maybe you’ve run a heat map or two. These are all tools available to you to deliver the best experience possible to your visitors. In this article we’re going to talk about another one, user testing: what it is, and how you can use it to come up with really good hypotheses for your experiments.