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A/B Testing Best Practices

A/B testing best practices and case studies from the CRO experts. Start improving your conversion rates today by following these tips and processes.

6 Best Practices from 251,391 Website Experiments (and How to Apply Them)

I’ve had the good fortune to attend several optimization talks & conferences with our CEO, Dan Siroker. One thing I admire about good speakers is their ability to distil complex ideas into simple truths.

Simple is good.

In this forum, we try to keep things short & sweet because we know you are frantically busy. After all, this is a blog—not API documentation.

With that in mind, here are Dan’s 6 “Best Practices” from 251,391 A/B and Multivariate tests

What Candy Land Can Teach You About Optimizing Mobile

What Candy Land Can Teach You About Optimizing Mobile

Remember the board game Candy Land? Sweet-toothed contestants traveled down a path of colored squares on their quest to reach the Candy Castle. If you were lucky, you landed on the Gumdrop Pass or Rainbow Trail – shortcuts that helped you bypass your opponents to reach the finish that much faster.  Draw the wrong card, […]

‘How does an A/B test affect my page load time?’ and other important questions

George Stephanis calls himself a code monkey. He is a developer at Speck Products and a Core Contributor at WordPress. We asked him a couple questions about the technical side of A/B testing. Optimizely: How does A/B testing affect my page load time? George: Split testing or A/B testing as a concept doesn’t need to affect page […]

What exactly is a ‘conversion’? It’s up to you!

The goal of any A/B test is to compare two (or more) versions of a web page and see which version performs best. What “performs best” actually means is entirely up to you and depending on the test’s goals, it could mean any number of things. But however you define “performs best,” you’ll measure this […]