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Conversion Rate Optimization

Looking for conversion rate optimization and best practices? In our conversion rate optimization blog we share the top advice and case studies from CRO experts.

Allstate Motor Club Boosts Conversions By 22.3%

Allstate Motor Club Boosts Conversions By 22.3%

When optimizing their websites, many businesses we work with focus on a similar challenge – high bounce rates in the first step of their checkout funnel. Rise Interactive, one of Optimizely’s certified partners, shares checkout funnel insights from a recent big win on Allstate Motor Club’s website. Allstate’s Challenge As a roadside service provider in […]

How Liftopia Optimized Their SEM Checkout Funnel for a 24% Lift in Revenue

How Liftopia Optimized Their SEM Checkout Funnel for a 24% Lift in Revenue

If you have a website today, chances are you’re using search engine marketing (SEM) to drive more visitors to it. SEM is a powerful way to drive highly-qualified traffic– searchers who are looking for something specifically-related to the good or service you provide – to your site. But once they get there, then what? Website […]

71 A/B Testing Ideas

71 A/B Testing Ideas

Often times the hardest part of A/B testing is determining what to test in the first place. After having worked with thousands of customers who do A/B testing every day, one of the most common questions we still hear is, “Where do I begin?”

Conveniently, website testing inherently generates more questions than it answers. Your first test can lead to a whole litany of follow-up tests and iterations. For when you’ve exhausted all of those, or if you’re just getting started, here are 71 ideas (some more serious than others…) for testing your website.

What exactly is a ‘conversion’? It’s up to you!

The goal of any A/B test is to compare two (or more) versions of a web page and see which version performs best. What “performs best” actually means is entirely up to you and depending on the test’s goals, it could mean any number of things. But however you define “performs best,” you’ll measure this […]

Introducing Multi-page Experiments (a.k.a. Conversion Funnel Testing)

We are excited to announce multi-page experiments on Optimizely! Lots of our customers want to A/B test not just one, but two or more pages that are related, often as part of a funnel. Multi-page experiments allow you to “link” together related variations of different pages: visitors who see the original version of Page 1 […]