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All the Product Announcements from Opticon20

All the Product Announcements from Opticon20

Opticon20, the leading progress delivery and experimentation conference, kicked off virtually today. This year’s keynote, hosted by Claire Vo, Optimizely’s Chief Product Officer, focused on how companies are adapting their digital strategies rapidly in response to COVID. Claire emphasizes the importance of proactively building and testing experiences that help serve your customers. By doubling down […]

Introducing Stats Engine Service and Enhancements to Our Data Platform

Introducing Stats Engine Service and Enhancements to Our Data Platform

The era of a single black-box data product as your source of truth is over. Teams need complete visibility throughout the customer lifecycle, forcing a move from all-in-one tools to open, integrated stacks with many data sources. The key is ensuring you’ve got clean, actionable data in the right place with proper tools to derive […]

Introducing Easy Event Tracking: the easier way to understand and optimize the customer journey

This year, according to data from the International Tele­communication Union (ITU), we will see over half of the world’s population connected to the online world. Digital consumers are now connected to the internet through a variety of devices and interfaces – from “old-world” PCs and handheld devices to modern-era voice assistants, wearables and AR/VR interfaces. This […]