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Using Feature Flags to Move from a Monolith to Microservices

Monolith to Microservices with Feature Flags Promo

In recent years, companies accelerating digital transformation and innovation have been decomposing legacy monolith applications and moving to distributed systems architectures (almost universally spoken about as microservices). If you and your team have decided to undertake this migration, you’re likely excited about the compelling upsides of a distributed architecture. Maybe you’re considering how you’ll execute […]

Develop Faster in Android Studio with the Optimizely IntelliJ Plugin

Optimizely Engineer, Tom Zurkan is all about efficiency. He built an IDE plugin, making it easier for developers to use Optimizely in all IntelliJ based products such as AndroidStudio, IntelliJ, GoLand, and PyCharm.  Recently, Tom showcased his work in a mobile development session, where he explained how Optimizely’s iOS and Android SDKs work. He also […]

How OpenDoor Improved Page Load Speed with Experimentation using Cloudflare and Optimizely

Optimizely and Cloudflare Promo Image

At Optimizely, we love being able to highlight innovative use cases by our customers to help the community learn new ways and approaches for experimentation. Opendoor documented and shared an amazing use case about how they leveraged Optimizely and Cloudflare to run incremental experimentation and get data driven about determining the best landing pages. After […]

5 Feature Management Use Cases in 5 minutes!

Rollouts - Smaller Astronauts!

Optimizely Rollouts offers full featured feature flagging capabilities that unlock the power of Progressive Delivery allowing you to ship faster with more safety and confidence. But, what are all ways you can leverage Optimizely Rollouts to help your team? Today, I’ll go through five powerful capabilities of Optimizely Rollouts and Full Stack all while using […]

The Future of Software Development: Progressive Delivery & Experimentation

Hi, I’m Lawrence Bruhmuller, Optimizely’s new CTO. This is the first of many blog posts on best in class engineering practices. To kick things off, I wanted to share why I joined Optimizely, and how I see software development evolving. I’ve been leading and scaling engineering teams for over a decade for high growth startups […]

Test & Learn 2020: A Virtual Event for Engineering and Product Teams

Test and Learn Keynote Nicole Forsgren

Last year we held our first-ever virtual event, Test & Learn for product development teams Over a thousand engineers, PMs, data scientists, growth experts tuned in for a series of talks on how to build and test products at scale.   We’re bringing back Test & Learn for 2020. It will be broadcast live on May […]

Feature Flag Ownership Models: Which one is right for you?

Feature Flag Ownership Models

Feature flags enable a powerful continuous delivery process and provide a platform for progressive delivery with phased rollouts and A/B tests. Once your organization begins deploying feature flags successfully, you may be excited to get more into your codebase. However, good governance is critical to scaling the power of feature flags. As with any feature […]

Deliver better mobile apps with remote configuration and experimentation

In the fierce competition to earn user’s screen time, the winners in mobile app development ship new functionality constantly to optimize growth, engagement, and UX. We recently created an ebook on this topic and share some of the insights and best practices here. Feature flagging and experimentation are foundational to building apps that keep users […]