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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program


Get the latest Optimizely news, how-to’s, best practices, demo apps, and use cases. Topics we cover: progressive delivery, feature flags, experimentation, and testing in production. If you’re looking for documentation, check it out here.

To Move Faster, Experiment More

If you’ve ever had to forecast a deadline for a software project, you’ll be all too familiar with Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law. So it’s no surprise that every product development team wants to be more “agile.” To the naive CTO, “agile” is just […]

Minimizing Technical Debt Using the Factory Pattern

Why this approach? Experiments using Optimizely X’s Full Stack SDKs are typically implemented by using conditionals in your codebase to decide between feature variations.  As experiments progress and clear winners from experimentation emerge this conditional code can create technical debt, once competing variations are no longer needed.   This method also creates dependencies between the […]

Meetup: Building a culture of experimentation at Visa, Strava, and

Many of us look at top software companies and ask, “how can my company make decisions like Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Netflix?” Teams at these companies have implemented world-class technology platforms to enable every engineer, product manager, and data scientist to make decisions fueled by experimentation and backed by rigorous statistical analysis. But making experimentation […]

Embracing a Testing Culture

Embracing a Testing Culture

This post originally appeared on the Upside Travel Engineering Blog. Upside is the first online travel service built just for business travelers, particularly travelers from small and mid-sized companies that can’t access special pricing or quality customer service. We embrace the “Move Fast and Break Things” culture found at the big tech giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google. […]

Introducing Feature Management in Full Stack: Launch new features with confidence

Introducing Feature Management in Full Stack: Launch new features with confidence

Feature management will soon be available in Optimizely X Full Stack Implement feature flags for safe launches, gradually roll out new features, and experiment and iterate on the fly with variables Simplify product development by unifying experimentation and feature management in Optimizely, so you can minimize risk and prove impact As a product development team, […]

Improving Snippet Performance and Matching with 3rd Party Analytics

Today, we’re pleased to share a pair of new updates to the Optimizely JavaScript snippet which are launching in general availability: a more performant event logging endpoint (/events), and new JavaScript methods for event timing. /events Logging Endpoint: Better performance through batching Our customers care a lot about the performance impact of including our snippet […]