Opticon19 Europe: How the BBC Gets it Done. With Scale & Sophistication.

A global weekly reach of 426 million people. A myriad of diverse audiences tuning in for everything from news and drama to sports and comedy. And a vast array of content broadcast across radio and TV, websites and apps, live and on-demand. Experimentation certainly has its work cut out at the BBC. Recently at Opticon19, […]

Forbes Japan: Discover What Comes Next With ‘A/B Testing’

A couple of weeks ago we spoke with Forbes Japan, for its November issue, to discuss the power of experimentation and how we enable customers to make business decisions by eliminating guesswork. Digital experience optimization is the most significant technology to accelerate a company’s success in an increasingly competitive digital world. Not only do we […]

Counting Down to Opticon18 With Our Win a Trip Winner!

Counting Down to Opticon18 With Our Win a Trip Winner!

The countdown to Opticon18 is well underway and we’re only 33 days away from the digital experience optimization conference of the year. This year, we wanted to bring one lucky winner to Las Vegas to experience Opticon as a VIP and we’re thrilled to announce our winner today! Out of thousands of folks who entered […]