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E-commerce focused articles on topics like shopping cart abandonment, checkout funnel optimization, product page optimization.

Forrester on Must-Have eCommerce Features

Digital paralysis got you down? Conscious of the need to innovate on your eCommerce game but unsure exactly how to improve? In a Forrester report from April of this year, author Suchariti Kodali offers up well researched and highly prescriptive counsel on exactly how to approach improving your company’s eCommerce offering. With tips for site […]

Accenture thinks conversion optimization may be hurting your business

At Opticon 2018, Matty Wishnow from Accenture Interactive gave our audience a surprising perspective on CRO. We think his message and advice is so important that we’ve asked him to share his perspective with the world during tomorrow’s “New Principles for Digital Experiences That Perform” webinar.  Wishnow co-founded the digital optimization firm Clearhead, which Accenture […]

Through Self-Hosting Optimizely Casper Improves Site Performance by 36%

Through Self-Hosting Optimizely Casper Improves Site Performance by 36%

In this post by customer Kyle Rush, VP of Engineering at Casper and former Deputy CTO on the Hillary For America campaign, we can see firsthand how his team dramatically improved the site performance of Using a new recommendation from Optimizely that encourages more flexible implementation options for customers through Optimizely Web, Rush and […]

How to Effectively Compete in the ‘Amazon Era’

Traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores are closing at a record pace thanks to what many are calling the ‘Amazon Effect’. The online retail giant has pushed the limits of what is possible when it comes to customer experience; delivering frictionless, fast, and personalized online shopping on a gargantuan scale. Much of what drives Amazon’s success is […]

How Early Adopters are Seeing Big Experimentation Impact

How Early Adopters are Seeing Big Experimentation Impact

Measuring the true influence of your marketing initiatives on business growth has always been a tricky undertaking, especially in today’s multi-touch, hyper-competitive, lightning-paced digital marketplace. However, the practice of experimentation has become increasingly valuable in helping companies to solve this dilemma by allowing them to test, iterate, and ultimately double-down on the tactics that are […]

Enhancing Optimizely X with PCI Compliance

Enhancing Optimizely X with PCI Compliance

The total volume of online transactions has grown at breakneck speed over the last decade, and is showing no signs of slowing down, as consumers increasingly purchase products, services and content on the web. In fact, it is estimated that there will be over 2 billion digital buyers worldwide by 2019. However, shopping-cart abandonment is […]