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7 Black Friday & Cyber Monday E-commerce Optimization Tips

ecommerce black friday cyber monday optimization-tips

As every online retailer knows, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest shopping days of the year. Using A/B testing and CRO to improve your e-commerce site is the key to maximizing your sales during these retail holidays.

Here at Optimizely we have the opportunity to work with some of the top e-commerce companies in the world, including Sony, Microsoft, Asics, Trunk Club, and Spreadshirt. Over the years they have run hundreds of A/B tests on their sites to increase sales and conversions and they’ve shared many of their learnings & insights with us.

9 E-commerce Best Practices to Stand Out From a Saturated Market

ecommerce best practices

E-commerce is a challenging industry; a saturated market and mass availability of goods to consumers means that successfully capturing customers has become less about the products you offer and more about the experience you deliver to each user.

In this post, we’ll share tips sourced directly from our community of optimizers about how to best optimize your e-commerce experience for every funnel stage, across every device, taking into account both conversion best practices and design guidelines.

36 E-commerce Homepage Design Best Practices from the Experts

ecommerce homepage design best practices

The homepage is often the highest traffic page on an ecommerce site. This single page is responsible for building trust, driving sales, and creating lifelong customers.

Creating an effective homepage can be a difficult task. If you have hundreds or thousands of products in dozens of categories, it can be difficult to put together a homepage that effectively showcases your products without being too overwhelming.

To help provide advice on the latest ecommerce homepage design best practices, we reached out to over a dozen experts in the ecommerce space who shared their best tips on how to create an effective homepage.

How Online Surveys Helped Teespring Increase Conversion by 12.7%


Online survey tools are essential for collecting qualitative feedback from your visitors and users, coloring in the full picture of what you know about their behavior from website analytics. To determine whether you’re addressing their pain points, test changes to your checkout funnel informed by online survey feedback. Learn how Teespring diligently captured customer feedback to uncover a double-digit conversion increase from a straightforward change.

Trunk Club Increased Mobile App Conversions 43% By Adding This Step

Mobile app conversions

Mobile app optimization helps the Trunk Club team ensure that their app is efficient at converting browsers to customers, but it also helped them with an important discovery—finding the right customers to focus on, which means stylists can focus their attention on customers that are most likely to purchase clothing from their trunks.

7 Tips for Retailers to Personalize Their E-Commerce Strategy

City of Philadelphia.

The premiere event for the retail industry, Shop.org is just around the corner. If you are one of the 5,400 professionals attending this year, be prepared to embrace a lot of chatter and excitement around personalization, the lucrative practice of dynamically tailoring content and experiences to the wants and needs of your customers.

Here are 7 tips to help you translate what you know about your shoppers into revenue and long-term customer satisfaction.

3 Tactics to Increase E-commerce Sales


While low-cost retail leaders like Amazon dominate online retail, a race to the bottom can seem like the only way to keep up. After all, Time reports that Amazon owns 23% of online retail market share. The world of e-commerce is a hyper-competitive space.

A/B testing three key areas, pricing, product pages, and product recommendations is pivotal to stay competitive today. This blog post aims to get other online retailers caught up on these three aspects. Let’s jump into the specifics to see the impact optimization can have for online retailers.

13 E-commerce Conversion Optimization Case Studies

shopping carts ecommerce conversion optimization

Ideas for A/B tests can come from the darnedest places. But there’s nothing like case studies from other similar companies to get the hypothesis juices flowing. Here are 13 e-commerce conversion optimization case studies from Optimizely customers. Each one has a clear takeaway you can use as inspiration for your own test hypotheses. Scroll forth and grow that list of experiment ideas!

3 E-commerce Marketing Trends Buzzing at IRCE 2015

A bustling IRCE Exhibit Hall in 2014.

Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibit (IRCE) kicks off today with close to 10,000 people in attendance to learn and share best practices in online retail. To prepare for my time at the conference, I did my research on some of the most talked about trends in e-commerce today.

I’ll be attending sessions and asking attendees the big questions outlined in this blog post. Stayed tuned for Part II, where I’ll compile my findings. Stop by Optimizely at booth 765 if you’re at IRCE to discuss the trends and questions below.

21 Ideas to Increase Revenue From Your Online Store


The bad news: If you have an e-commerce website, mobile site, or mobile app, it’s likely that up to 72% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart before completing a purchase in your store.

The good news: This post (and a little optimization) will help you fix that.

Here at Optimizely, we work with a number of retail teams who are experimenting with new and unique ways to drive revenue from their online stores. I recently spoke with several of these retailers and others experts to learn about their successes and failures, and have combined my findings into our latest long read: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Online Store.

This post summarizes some of the test ideas retailers have found most impactful for optimizing the experience they deliver shoppers.