Email Marketing

Email marketing is a core part of most online businesses. Learn about some of our email marketing best practices and learn how top businesses are using email marketing to drive sales and revenue with our email marketing case studies.

Innovative Ways to Increase Newsletter Subscriptions (with examples)


Email newsletters help your brand stay top of mind with your readers and customers. They bring people back to your site regularly and keep people engaged/informed on the topic you write about. In order to reap the benefits of a newsletter, people need to sign up to receive it. We have aggregated a list of ideas (some known, some hidden gems) to increase newsletter signups, optimize your email signup forms and emails, and ultimately grow your subscriber list.

The Role of A/B Testing in Lead Nurturing

a/b testing lead nurture email

Lead nurturing sounds simple, right? Set up an email drip campaign that gives new prospects more detail about what products you offer and what problems you solve. Done. And as you get more complex, scale it up.

But like any machine, lead nurturing has to be constantly tuned and tested. A/B testing is an ideal tool for this. So how do you best take advantage of A/B testing to build great lead nurturing?

Your Email Open Rate is High? That’s Nice.

email open rate

A high open rate is nice. It’s an important signal you’re writing evocative subject lines and optimizing your send time. But if people don’t take action or convert on that email they opened, then the act of opening is much less meaningful. Getting maximum value out of A/B testing marketing email requires optimizing for key metrics that really matter to the business—and open rate is not one of them.

Lessons We Learned from Email A/B Tests in 2014

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This year, the Marketing Automation team at Optimizely got serious about tracking our email A/B tests. In 2015, Optimizely will be taking experience optimization to the next level, and continue to rigorously test campaigns in order to provide the best experience for our customers.

Looking back at some A/B tests we ran this year, here are some lessons learned, along with where I hope to take our email experiments in 2015.