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Experiment Engine Joins Optimizely

Three years ago, we launched Experiment Engine with the aim to help teams Always Be Testing. Making continuous experimentation easy has been the singular focus of our team, and we’ve been lucky over the past few years to help some of the best brands in the world scale their testing programs. With that mission still very much […]

What Exactly Are Companies A/B Testing?

When William Sealy Gosset invented the A/B test more than a hundred years ago, he had no idea that he had created the perfect test for Internet businesses. The A/B Test dates back at least to 1908, when William Sealy Gosset, writing as “Student”, developed his t-test to identify the best barley for brewing beer […]

Ask Me Anything With Talia Wolf, Founder of Conversioner and Banana Splash

About Talia Wolf.  Talia is a conversion optimization expert that focuses optimizing websites and customer journeys using emotional targeting, consumer psychology and behavioral data to generate more revenues, leads, engagement and sales . She is the Founder of Conversioner, a conversion optimization agency and Chief of growth at Banana Splash, a platform that helps every […]