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Experimentation Culture

6 Experimentation Secrets from Airbnb and Uber

Last week we hosted over 130 experimenters at Optimizely HQ in San Francisco for our first live event of the year. We were lucky enough to be joined by two brands — Airbnb and Uber — that have fundamentally changed the way we travel and get around today: Panelists Jami Schwartz, Head of Marketing, Airbnb for […]

Atlassian Harnesses the Power of Experimentation

Today’s business innovators are going out of their way to meet the current needs of their consumers, and data plays an increasingly large role in fostering loyalty and revenue growth. Experimentation offers real-world feedback about the customer and drives intelligent, data-driven decision-making. One such innovator is Optimizely customer, Atlassian, a company whose mission is to change […]

Why siloed optimization goals limit success

If there was a glass ceiling for experimentation, it would be scalability and measurement. One of the key challenges for experimenters lies in developing a strategy that will enable them to scale their optimization program and create the right metrics to effectively measure its success.   The most innovative of organizations have multiple teams testing, […]

Ask an Experimenter: Claire Vo, VP of Product at Optimizely

Ask an Experimenter: Claire Vo, VP of Product at Optimizely

Welcome to the first installation of Ask an Experimenter, a new series where we interview experts about how they are building a culture of experimentation at their companies. Our first interview is with Claire Vo, Optimizely’s VP of Product. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m the VP of Product at Optimizely, overseeing our product […]

Counting Down to Opticon18 With Our Win a Trip Winner!

Counting Down to Opticon18 With Our Win a Trip Winner!

The countdown to Opticon18 is well underway and we’re only 33 days away from the digital experience optimization conference of the year. This year, we wanted to bring one lucky winner to Las Vegas to experience Opticon as a VIP and we’re thrilled to announce our winner today! Out of thousands of folks who entered […]

Why Experimentation is Key to Digital Competitiveness

Why Experimentation is Key to Digital Competitiveness

Many organizations are scrambling to boost their analytics capabilities and digitally transform their businesses. They are also under intense pressure to improve their innovation acumen in the quest to find the next breakthrough idea before anyone else does. But these aren’t the only paths to digital competitiveness. They can even cause companies to miss the […]

6 Key Insights from WiderFunnel’s “State of Experimentation Maturity 2018” Research Report

6 Key Insights from WiderFunnel’s “State of Experimentation Maturity 2018” Research Report

This content originally appeared on the WiderFunnel blog. The optimization industry has transformed over the past decade. Today, leading companies understand that experimentation is much bigger than A/B split testing on a landing page. The C-Suite at organizations like Amazon, Netflix, Google, Walmart, and Microsoft are leveraging experimentation as a foundational growth strategy, testing across the […]

Optimizely Program Management Now Generally Available

We are excited to announce that Optimizely Program Management in now generally available. Optimizely Program Management helps customers build, scale, and accelerate their experimentation programs. With Program Management, customers can increase the velocity of their experimentation programs by up to 5x. Today’s industry-leading companies take a different approach to building products and experiences than they […]

Meetup: Building a culture of experimentation at Visa, Strava, and

Many of us look at top software companies and ask, “how can my company make decisions like Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Netflix?” Teams at these companies have implemented world-class technology platforms to enable every engineer, product manager, and data scientist to make decisions fueled by experimentation and backed by rigorous statistical analysis. But making experimentation […]