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Experimentation Culture

Nike’s New CEO Choice Signals the Ever Increasing Value of Digital 

Nike’s New CEO Choice Signals the Ever Increasing Value of Digital 

On Tuesday Nike announced that longtime CEO Mark Parker, who had overseen tremendous growth and helped fuel digital innovation, would be stepping down and replaced by John Donohoe, CEO of ServiceNow and former CEO of eBay. Though Nike’s Parker was forward thinking in shifting how the company operated as evidenced by this statement in 2017, […]

Building a Culture of Experimentation with Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader

Building a Culture of Experimentation with Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader

One of the highlights from Opticon19 last week was the participation of the Cox Automotive team. I’m a regular user of both Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book and have benefited first hand from the investments that Cox has made in its digital experience. The team participated in two sessions. First, we got insights from Frances […]

Opticon19 Day Two

Optimizely is all about our customers and day two kicked off with Jennifer Ruth, our VP of Customer Success  reaffirming how committed everyone at Optimizely is to making our customers successful. Case in point? Performance Edge was a direct answer to customer requests. Jeriad Zoghby, Managing Director & Global Head, Personalization & Media Optimization, shared […]

Building an Experimentation Program from the Ground Up: uShip’s Journey

Many companies are so daunted by the challenge of where to begin with experimentation, they never start. Here’s one customer story that may provide inspiration for individuals and teams out there who just need a little push. It’s hard to bring experimentation to a company that has no testing experts or existing experimentation culture. When […]

The Secret to Experimentation Program Success:Sharing Broadly

You did it. You’ve gotten buy in and you’re off to the races and running great experiments! Like a tree falling in the forest, however, if people don’t know about it – how will they remain  invested in your success and the success of the experiments? I’m  the Program Manager for Experimentation at Optimizely and […]

Thriving in Today’s Digital Experience Economy

Thriving in Today’s Digital Experience Economy

Over the last ten years, an explosion in bandwidth, advances in technology, and availability of smart devices have led to a wildly changing digital landscape. Where once we owned CDs and DVDs; now we subscribe to Spotify and Netflix. Merchandise purchased onsite at big-box retailers; now arrives in our homes and offices from Amazon. We […]

6 Tactics to Make your Digital Experimentation Program More Visible

At any company, there is a lot going on at any one time. People are very focused on their own efforts and what’s immediately in front of them. Experimentation, like any large company program, requires ongoing efforts to make the work and the impact visible. Increased visibility for an experimentation program can often come down […]

How to Run an Experimentation Hypothesis Workshop with Your Design Team

When starting your program, you may not have built out your backlog of experimentation ideas just yet. Or you may need to fill your backlog with ideas from new parts of the organization. Maybe you’ve been really focused on iterating on successes and it’s time to take a step back and refill the tank with […]