Opticon20 Agenda is Now Live

Opticon20 Agenda Live

This year, Opticon20 is going virtual and is free to attend. Join us on September 16th and 17th in North America, and September 29th and 30th in Europe to learn how to use progressive delivery and experimentation to validate ideas, reduce risk, and ship better products and experiences faster.  Leaders from category-defining companies including AMC […]

Test & Learn 2020: A Virtual Event for Engineering and Product Teams

Test and Learn Keynote Nicole Forsgren

Last year we held our first-ever virtual event, Test & Learn for product development teams Over a thousand engineers, PMs, data scientists, growth experts tuned in for a series of talks on how to build and test products at scale.   We’re bringing back Test & Learn for 2020. It will be broadcast live on May […]

Experiment Ideas: Tactics and Templates for Consistent, High Quality Ideas

Image of Post-It Notes on a White Board

I’m Becca Bruggman, Optimizely’s Experimentation Program Manager. My job is to make sure we are “drinking our own champagne” and run a best-in-class experimentation program.  This is the fourth installment of a six-part series designed to help you run a best-in-class experimentation program. In the series we are covering everything you need to build your […]

Optimizely Teams Up with Atlassian to Launch New Confluence Experimentation Template

As part of the Atlassian Summit, we are excited to announce Optimizely’s Experiment Plan & Report template which lives in the newly launched template gallery from the Confluence team at Atlassian!  This template allows teams who are already leveraging Confluence to have an easy to use, consistent process for tracking experiment ideas and results, including: […]

Optimizely Personalization Presents: Adaptive Recommendations

Earlier this year Optimizely Personalization launched Adaptive Audiences — a feature that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to dramatically improve the way you can personalize your website. Today, Optimizely is introducing another big update to Personalization, Adaptive Recommendations — the only recommendations solution with experimentation at its core. The Power of Personalization Experimentation is all […]

Building an Experimentation Program from the Ground Up: uShip’s Journey

Many companies are so daunted by the challenge of where to begin with experimentation, they never start. Here’s one customer story that may provide inspiration for individuals and teams out there who just need a little push. It’s hard to bring experimentation to a company that has no testing experts or existing experimentation culture. When […]

Atlassian Harnesses the Power of Experimentation

Today’s business innovators are going out of their way to meet the current needs of their consumers, and data plays an increasingly large role in fostering loyalty and revenue growth. Experimentation offers real-world feedback about the customer and drives intelligent, data-driven decision-making. One such innovator is Optimizely customer, Atlassian, a company whose mission is to change […]

Accenture thinks conversion optimization may be hurting your business

At Opticon 2018, Matty Wishnow from Accenture Interactive gave our audience a surprising perspective on CRO. We think his message and advice is so important that we’ve asked him to share his perspective with the world during tomorrow’s “New Principles for Digital Experiences That Perform” webinar.  Wishnow co-founded the digital optimization firm Clearhead, which Accenture […]

Using Segment Personas and Optimizely Full Stack for Omnichannel Experiments

This is a guest post written by Albert Sunwoo, Solutions Engineer at Segment. It is part two of a two-part series from Segment on how to integrate Segment and Optimizely to optimize customer experience. In the first post, Albert talked about integrating Segment Personas with Optimizely Web. One of the most powerful ways to build […]

Unleashing Optimizely Web with Segment Personas

This is a guest post written by Albert Sunwoo, Solutions Engineer at Segment. It is part one of a two-part series from Segment on how to integrate Segment and Optimizely to optimize customer experiences. Running successful experiments and personalization campaigns requires that you choose the right metrics and target the right audiences. Segment Connections helps teams […]