Feature Management

You’ll find best practices and workflow suggestions to help improve your feature delivery and management. Deployment is about getting code out safely. Releasing is about getting new functionality in front of customers. The difference lies between pushing out a new code path, and actually activating it using feature management tools and processes.

Tutorial: Get alerted when feature flags change, via AWS Lambda and Webhooks

At Optimizely, we’re always looking for ways to eat our own dogfood. Once we added feature flags to Optimizely Full Stack, we started adopting flags to remotely configure our own application. In the last few months, we’ve found this has been especially helpful for our end-to-end testing. Being able to toggle features on and off […]

Full Stack 2.0: Reduce Risk and Prove Impact When Launching Products

Optimizely X Full Stack 2.0 with Feature Management is now generally available – Optimizely customers can reach out to their Optimizely rep for access or interested businesses can reach out to us Implement feature management to ensure safe launches, gradually roll out new features, and experiment and iterate on the fly with variables Improve product development […]