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Targeted Rollouts: Take Control of Your Release Process

Targeted Rollouts: Take Control of Your Release Process

Software teams increasingly need more control over their release process to mitigate risk and ship faster.  The first step many teams take to reduce risk is adopting feature flags to decouple code deployment from feature enablement. However, while simple boolean (on/off) feature flags can help mitigate risk, elite software teams are embracing progressive delivery. They […]

Powerful Feature Flags in Swift + iOS

Powerful Feature Flags in Swift + iOS

Feature flags allow you to slowly rollout a feature, rather than doing a risky big bang launch, and are extremely helpful when used in a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment. At Optimizely, we commonly use feature flags to reduce the risk of complicated deploys like rolling out new APIs. However, building a feature flagging […]

How to Avoid Building the Wrong Product? Make Your Product Roadmap Your Experimentation Roadmap

We often hear that product development teams don’t have an experiment backlog or that they struggle to come up with experiment ideas. Almost certainly, though, you have a product roadmap. This list of problem-solution pairs includes the features that will certainly help you defeat the competition. Well, maybe. No matter how much data analysis, user […]