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Growth marketing and growth hacking are methods of accelerating your product or company’s marketshare through clever techniques that are often outside the scope of traditional marketing. Read about the latest growth hacking techniques and strategies on our growth marketing blog.

What Does it Mean to Be a Growth Marketer?

What Does it Mean to Be a Growth Marketer?

From conversations with our customers, we’ve learned that some folks who do A/B testing also have day-to-day responsibilities ranging from SEO to front end development to content marketing. But, it’s apparent that the folks who do conversion optimization have one thing in common: an obsession with growth. Their work directly contributes to company growth and impacts wins and fails. In essence, everyone who practices A/B testing and optimization is a Growth Marketer.

We’re curious about what it means to be a Growth Marketer… So we’re asking you.

How My Startup Achieved Huge Business Growth By A/B Testing

How My Startup Achieved Huge Business Growth By A/B Testing

As a young marketer, I am always looking for that giant growth opportunity, one that is going to wow the Board of Directors, or my CEO. Oftentimes, we as marketers want to immediately turn to the idea of something completely fresh—an entirely new campaign or a new tool we think will give us an edge over our competitors. More often than not however, the big changes we are looking for are actually small hacks that could be found with some simple A/B tests.