A/B testing and optimization are key ways in which Media and Publishing companies are growing their audiences and revenue online. Read case studies and best practices of how Media companies are using optimization to drive more clicks, get more views, and increase ad viewability.

The Ultimate Guide to Website Optimization for Media Companies [Ebook]

For media companies (or anyone with a digital business), getting past the reader’s (aka your) short attention span is a major challenge. By employing website optimization as a methodology, media companies have unparalleled opportunities to grow and engage their audience—and their bottom line.

Our Ultimate Guide to Website Optimization for Media Companies provides the most in-depth and thorough crash course that you’ll find.

How USA Today Can Increase Pageviews on Free Content with A/B Testing

For media sites like USA Today that don’t require a paying subscription, the challenge is to find ways to make it as easy and compelling as possible to spend more time on the site because engagement (e.g. pageviews) is the key to driving higher revenue. Increased site engagement is the key to driving higher revenue through ad impressions.
There are a few key places publishers with free content, such as, can test to increase pageviews. Let’s dive in.

25 Ways A/B Testing Can Optimize The Wall Street Journal’s Paywall

The Wall Street Journal is a well-known example of an online publisher who uses the pay-for-content approach—one of the business models publishers use today to drive revenue online. If you go to and quickly scan the top half of the homepage, you’ll see that substantially more than half of their primary articles require a paid subscription to read (as indicated by the key symbol). Here are 25 ideas for A/B tests they can run across two pages to increase subscriptions.

Experiment Ideas for Publishers to Increase Online Subscriptions

While there is much discussion and data on how paywalls affect readers (e.g higher readership of free content sites like HuffPo and BuzzFeed), my concern is with the marketers at online publishers like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. How does the presence of a paywall affect a digital marketer?

Here’s how: page consumption. Paywalls can present a real barrier to pageviews—one of the most vital metrics for marketers at media sites.

71 A/B Testing Ideas

test all the things!

Often times the hardest part of A/B testing is determining what to test in the first place. After having worked with thousands of customers who do A/B testing every day, one of the most common questions we still hear is, “Where do I begin?”

Conveniently, website testing inherently generates more questions than it answers. Your first test can lead to a whole litany of follow-up tests and iterations. For when you’ve exhausted all of those, or if you’re just getting started, here are 71 ideas (some more serious than others…) for testing your website.

Ustream Increases Broadcast Sessions 12% With Icon + Text

Background Ustream is a leading live interactive broadcast platform that aims to bring people together around shared interests for live interactive experiences. The company attracts millions of users from around the globe ranging from artists to celebrities to music enthusiasts to corporate executives. Challenge and Goals As a live and interactive video streaming site Ustream is […]