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Insights and case studies on mobile app A/B testing and experience optimization for iOS, Android, and responsive websites.

Testing ApartmentGuide’s Mobile Site Increases Revenue and Leads

Testing ApartmentGuide’s Mobile Site Increases Revenue and Leads is an online marketplace that allows property management companies to post apartments and renters and buyers to search for them. The website makes money by selling priority property placements to companies that wish to showcase their listings at the top of the site’s search results.

After seeing the popularity of’s mobile site take off, RentPath, the media company that owns and operates the ApartmentGuide brand, wanted to find a way to grow revenue generated from mobile users.

An Intern’s Summer At Optimizely: Building the Mobile Dashboard

It’s a college student’s dream to intern at a company that gives them meaningful projects. During my three months at Optimizely, I implemented a redesign of this blog, created an events page, and developed the AB Testing Book website. These “small” projects were in addition to my main summer project: creating a mobile version of the Optimizely website.

As the mobile dashboard launches, I want to share the design and development challenges we faced.

Big Results on Small Screens: New Releases for Mobile

Big Results on Small Screens: New Releases for Mobile

The rate of smartphone users across the globe is growing rapidly. Globally there are over 1.5B smartphone users with a YoY growth rate of 31%. Not only do more people own smartphones, they use them to consume more content and do more business.

Today, consumers want to do the same things on their mobile phones as they do on their desktop, and businesses should be able to test their mobile sites just like their desktop sites.

In the past year alone, we have seen mobile traffic to double. Hence today we have two big announcements to make Optimizely more mobile-friendly and mobile testing available to everyone.

71 A/B Testing Ideas

71 A/B Testing Ideas

Often times the hardest part of A/B testing is determining what to test in the first place. After having worked with thousands of customers who do A/B testing every day, one of the most common questions we still hear is, “Where do I begin?”

Conveniently, website testing inherently generates more questions than it answers. Your first test can lead to a whole litany of follow-up tests and iterations. For when you’ve exhausted all of those, or if you’re just getting started, here are 71 ideas (some more serious than others…) for testing your website.

What Candy Land Can Teach You About Optimizing Mobile

What Candy Land Can Teach You About Optimizing Mobile

Remember the board game Candy Land? Sweet-toothed contestants traveled down a path of colored squares on their quest to reach the Candy Castle. If you were lucky, you landed on the Gumdrop Pass or Rainbow Trail – shortcuts that helped you bypass your opponents to reach the finish that much faster.  Draw the wrong card, […]

Avoid Sidewalk Catastrophes: Optimize Your Mobile Website

Avoid Sidewalk Catastrophes: Optimize Your Mobile Website

Trips, falls, and head-on collisions. These days, a quick stroll down the street is an accident waiting to happen. It’s easy to point fingers at uneven pavement, crazed skateboarders, or fanny-packed tourists, but the truth of the matter is clear: smartphones are the culprit. Young, old, commuter, tourist, sometimes even bikers (yikes!) – everyone is […]