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User onboarding is the process through which new users of your apps learn how to use your software. Improve your app onboarding flow with tips and techniques from top mobile UX experts.

5 Onboarding Techniques to Convert Trials into Paying Customers

5 Onboarding Techniques to Convert Trials into Paying Customers

If the sign-up rate for your product’s free trial is high, then you’re doing something right. It’s a great sign if people are willing to take time and give up some information to try out your software for a few weeks.

But are they really trying it? Are they making full use of the trial or just taking a quick glance and disappearing?

Benchmark data says 80% of your free trial users are doing just that — fading away never to become a paying customer.

The truth is that turning free trial users into paying customers is just as important as getting people to try your product. These are five examples of email marketing and A/B testing strategies that can improve your company’s free trial to paying customer conversion rates.

7 Tips to Improve Mobile App Onboarding

7 Tips to Improve Mobile App Onboarding

Twelve—That’s the number of apps currently installed on my mobile phone that I haven’t used more than once. At one point, they caught my interest enough to install but now are just gathering dust and taking up screen real estate.

Chances are, you probably have at least a few apps on your phone that fit this bill too. Today, 80-90% of downloaded apps are used once and then deleted. That’s why everything that happens after someone launches your app for the first time is downright imperative. Here are some ideas product managers can test on their app onboarding flows…