Optimization Culture

A successful optimization is much more than the software. Building a culture that embraces data-driven decision making and making hypotheses is vital for optimization to thrive.

Open-Sourcing Parental Leave


Parental leave as an employee benefit is a topic of frequent discussion these days, and is a conversation spurred on by policy announcements this summer from technology leaders Netflix, Microsoft, and Adobe. Lack of access to paid maternity and paternity leave is a serious problem affecting parents in the United States across industries, geographies, and socioeconomic classes.

We believe that adequate, equitable parental leave is a movement we all have a responsibility to take part in. To that end, we want to share exactly how, in 2014, we laid the groundwork for increasing leave for new parents at Optimizely from 6 to 17 weeks.

4 Questions Every Optimization Team Needs to Answer

4 questions every optimization team needs to answer

How do you create a world-leading optimization team? One that you can trust to consistently deliver ROI year after year? Dedicated internal CRO teams are becoming increasingly common within businesses. As more and more companies adopt the testing culture, they start to ask the same questions:

– Where should we start testing?
– What happens when tests start losing?
– Is there an “optimization ceiling”? When is it reached?
– How do you prove a testing program’s value over time?

How Online Surveys Helped Teespring Increase Conversion by 12.7%


Online survey tools are essential for collecting qualitative feedback from your visitors and users, coloring in the full picture of what you know about their behavior from website analytics. To determine whether you’re addressing their pain points, test changes to your checkout funnel informed by online survey feedback. Learn how Teespring diligently captured customer feedback to uncover a double-digit conversion increase from a straightforward change.

Three Steps to Get Your Team On Board with Optimization


If you are already on board with testing and optimization but struggling to get other people at your company involved, this post is for you. Testing should be a team sport, not an individual effort.

So how do you garner the proper buy-in across all departments? This is so crucial ensuring success from your optimization work.

Based on what we’ve learned from making this a reality at our own agency and for many of our clients, here’s a 3-step game plan we’ve seen work wonders.

How The Next Web Scaled Their A/B Testing Output 100x


About two years ago we started intensifying our A/B testing program here at The Next Web, one of the world’s largest online publications for news about Internet technology, business, and culture. We’ve found A/B testing to be a very powerful way to increase reader engagement — our primary website goal.

In this blog post I’d like to dive into some aspects of the testing program at The Next Web to provide you with some ideas to incorporate into your own testing program.

How Testing Everything Transformed Blu Dot’s Retail Business


Blu Dot tests everything. Really. I know what you’re thinking. Is testing everything possible? Is it even practical? The answer is yes on both counts. This is the very true story of a company that, within two years, evolved from never having conducted a split test to an organization that is continuously developing, prioritizing and validating hypotheses—big and small, broad and targeted.

5 Tips on Selling the Gift of Conversion Optimisation to Your Boss

Give the gift of optimization

Picture this: you are a superhero and you have a gift for your boss that will improve the entire company — it’s conversion optimisation. Conversion optimisation is one of the most impactful strategies marketers can employ to drive substantial growth of a business. Despite this, convincing senior management of a new strategic and ongoing process is often more challenging than it should be.

In this post, we provide tactical takeaways to help you sell CRO to your boss.

10 Tips for Hosting a Successful A/B Testing Hackathon

techcrunch disrupt hackathon

There is no better way to find new testing ideas, generate excitement about testing, and push the boundaries of optimization than to host a testing hackathon.

The gist of a hackathon is simple: put a lot of people in a big room together for two days with very few rules and see what they’re able to produce. The results are usually incredible.

In our two testing hackathons, we’ve not only spread a passion for testing throughout Webs, we’ve also learned a lot about how to put on a successful one. I want to share those learnings with others out there looking to jumpstart their optimization!

Cheers to 1 Year: A Toast to the Amazing People in Our Community

Charlotte Weiskittel Optiverse

We live in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world. Much of our daily interaction now exists online. When we’re unsure, we resort to Google or Quora. When we need help, we file a support ticket and expect our question to be answered instantaneously. What’s the challenge with this reality? It’s easy to forget that real humans are answering our support tickets, or responding to our community discussions.

So, this week, as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Optimizely’s community, Optiverse, I want to showcase the talented and fearless people who participate in our community every day. As you think about developing your optimization skills, we hope you’ll use the community of people in Optiverse as a resource.