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Optimizely Integrations

One of the key features that makes Optimizely so powerful are all the integrations we have with best-of-breed solutions in the marketing technology world. Learn about some of our key integration partners and how Optimizely can fit seamlessly into your marketing technology stack.

Optimizely Continues to Add Integrations to Bolster its Open Platform

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Lotame to launch a new audience integration for Optimizely Web. This integration enables Optimizely customers to scale their personalization programs by targeting Lotame DMP audiences with Optimizely Web campaigns. Personalization and DMPs An effective personalization strategy starts with identifying valuable audiences and then targeting them with […]

Optimizely integrates with Jira Software to help teams go from shipping volume to value

Optimizely integrates with Jira Software to help teams go from shipping volume to value

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Atlassian to launch a new integration between Optimizely and Jira Software that will enable development teams to move faster, mitigate launch risk, and measure the impact of every release. Every team can now go from shipping volume to focusing on value. As software development becomes […]

Easily A/B Test Images with Optimizely & Shutterstock

Easily A/B Test Images with Optimizely & Shutterstock

Both personally and professionally, I am excited to announce a technology integration with Shutterstock. This integration enables our joint customers to easily search, preview and license Shutterstock imagery to use in their Optimizely experiments, without ever having to leave our Experience Optimization Platform. Companies can discover which high quality Shutterstock images deliver the best experiences on web and mobile, enabling them to delight their customers in real-time. The integration will be generally available in the coming months.

How Discovery Increased Ad Viewability & CTR Through A/B Testing

How Discovery Increased Ad Viewability & CTR Through A/B Testing

Discovery Communications is a global mass media and entertainment company with an astonishing portfolio of television networks, including the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and Science Channel. It has 2.9 billion global subscribers, a reach that totals 2 in 5 people on the planet.

The product team at Discovery Communications is driven by testing; they’re constantly iterating on their user experience to improve both content engagement and their display ad metrics.

What Personalization Campaigns Really Look Like

What Personalization Campaigns Really Look Like

Making a personal connection with the consumer is what marketing is all about. We dream about campaigns that land the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

The key to truly personalized campaigns — the thing that makes this kind of one-to-one marketing possible — is data. These days, marketers are in good shape. They’re learning more about visitors and collecting vastly more data on visitor behavior than ever before. But if you ask the visitors who are presumably receiving the personalized campaigns, they say brands are falling short of this ideal.

According to a survey that Lytics conducted of over 400 consumers, 80% said brands are not familiar, or at best, are only somewhat familiar with their needs. Clearly there’s an issue with the way brands are executing (or not executing) personalization campaigns and a lot of room for improvement.

5 Actionable Lessons Learned From Real Heat Map Case Studies

5 Actionable Lessons Learned From Real Heat Map Case Studies

I was more than excited when I first heard about the concept of heat maps a couple of years ago. “So you’re telling me I can track all my visitors and then see exactly where they click and how often?!” – is what I was thinking.

What’s truly great about heat maps is that they give you a clear visual representation of the raw data you’d otherwise get from Google Analytics.

So today, I’d like to share with you some of the things we’ve learned from more than 1 million heat map clicks.

Segment Customers, Now You Can Send Analytics Data to Optimizely!

Thanks to a handy new integration, Segment customers can send custom event and revenue data to Optimizely. Segment allows it’s customers to set up tracking for events once and then use that data across multiple analytics platforms. Additionally, Segment customers can send data from Optimizely to other integration partners, such as email platforms and Vero.

Optimizely is Heating Up with ClickTale and Crazy Egg

Heat maps are an incredible asset to website optimization. Whether it’s actual mouse movements, concentration of clicks, or scrolling patterns, heat maps convey a story numbers cannot express. Pairing information from a heat map of your web page with the ability to optimize that page with A/B testing is a match made in conversion heaven. […]