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Marc Andreessen Talks Killer Robots, Unicorns, and The Future of Tech


Few folks on the planet are as recognized for thinking about the future as Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)* and one of the world’s most prolific venture capitalists by number of investments. Marc likes to discuss the future. A lot.

So it was fitting for our Co-founder and CEO, Dan Siroker to invite Marc to discuss the future of technology, privacy, and disruption at Opticon, our annual user conference.

Here are the 5 quotes from Marc’s conversation with Dan that really captivated the attention of the audience and gave them a birdseye view of how Marc sees the world evolving.

Announcing the Winners of I/Own It, A Scholarship for Women Engineers

Jessica Chong is the winner of the I/Own It Scholarship sponsored by Optimizely and Hack Reactor.

For me, becoming an engineer always seemed as natural as aspiring to be a doctor, a teacher, or a lawyer. But when I joined the workforce I realized that both my educational and professional paths are hardly the norm for most female engineers; I have been incredibly lucky.

To encourage and empower women with a passion for coding to pursue their professional dreams, Optimizely and Hack Reactor created “I/Own It”, a program that gives aspiring women technologists the chance to win a full scholarship to attend Hack Reactor, work closely with a mentor from Optimizely, and start a paid internship with Optimizely after graduating.

We are so excited to announce 3 amazing winners.

CNN: “The Secret to Winning a Presidential Campaign”


As campaigning for the 2016 U.S. presidential election gets into full swing, candidates on both sides are turning to Optimizely to connect with voters in a more personal way. CNN correspondent Laurie Segall interviewed our Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Siroker to learn how A/B testing changed the game during the Obama 2008 campaign, and to hear how candidates can and are using optimization to gain a competitive edge in the upcoming election.

Announcing Enhanced Optimizely Partner Programs & Developer Site

A glimpse of Optimizely Solutions and Technology partners.

Partnerships are absolutely crucial to what we do at Optimizely. From the technology partners that let our customers integrate Optimizely experiments with data from other software, to the solutions partners who provide training, strategy, and technical expertise to make our customers successful, we are deeply invested in building a best-in-class partnership ecosystem. I am thrilled to share news about enhancements to the Solutions and Technology Partner programs as well as a new Developer site.

How to Wisely A/B Test WordPress Headlines With Optimizely

Wordpress Headline A/B Testing

Love it or hate it, headline testing has proven to be a necessary tool for media sites to use in order to stay competitive in the quest for clicks. Testing every headline is a great way to increase clicks, engagements, and social shares and create a culture of testing and experimentation needed to survive in this fast-paced digital world.

In this post, we walk through how publishers running their sites on WordPress can experiment with headlines using the Optimizely A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress.

Optimizely’s Path to Japan

Tokyo Skyline

Since its inception, Optimizely has had ambitions of building a hundred-year company, a firm that will outlast all of us that work here. That is why, far earlier than many of our peers, we invested in and expanded our global footprint with an office in Amsterdam. This investment in the EMEA region has proven fruitful and is a key reason Optimizely is the global leader in experience optimization. In order to develop and solidify this position, we knew we needed to expand into Asia, but the question was where, and when. As I sit in my Tokyo apartment, I’m excited and humbled to share a bit about the path Optimizely took in opening our first office here in the Asia-Pacific region.