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6 Lessons on Cultivating Diversity in Tech

diversity in tech

When I was in high school, I was really interested in becoming a software engineer. But when I discussed my aspirations with one of my favorite teachers, she told me that I was “too social” to sit in front of a computer all day.

Fast forward a few years and I am a software engineer at Optimizely and as part of our Diversity Community of Practice, recently hosted a panel to take on the topic of cultivating diversity in tech. Here are a few lessons and anecdotes that really resonated with me.

Open-Sourcing Parental Leave


Parental leave as an employee benefit is a topic of frequent discussion these days, and is a conversation spurred on by policy announcements this summer from technology leaders Netflix, Microsoft, and Adobe. Lack of access to paid maternity and paternity leave is a serious problem affecting parents in the United States across industries, geographies, and socioeconomic classes.

We believe that adequate, equitable parental leave is a movement we all have a responsibility to take part in. To that end, we want to share exactly how, in 2014, we laid the groundwork for increasing leave for new parents at Optimizely from 6 to 17 weeks.

Optimizely Now Available Via Twitter Fabric

Optimizely Twitter Fabric

We’re excited to announce that Optimizely is joining the Twitter Fabric developer toolset. Fabric is a modular mobile platform that makes it easy for developers to install and maintain SDKs within their apps.

In the past, Fabric only supported Twitter’s proprietary SDKs, such as Crashlytics and MoPub. Starting today, developers can use Optimizely with Fabric and begin A/B testing with a single click. Twitter has already started rolling out this integration to a select group of whitelisted users and will soon add support for all developers using Fabric.

Optimizely Raises $58 Million to Optimize the World

Optimizely Series C Funding

Today is an exciting day because we’ve secured $58 million in Series C funding, led by Index Ventures. I’m thrilled that Ilya Fushman, General Partner at Index Ventures, is joining Optimizely’s Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of experience to Optimizely and has plenty of thoughts on optimization.

For us, our customers, and our partners, this new round of funding represents an opportunity for Optimizely to focus on our long-term objectives of building products that will enable every company to provide their customers with the best possible experiences.

Optimizely Personalization is Here

Optimizely Personalization Editor

Today, we’re taking a major step in making personalization accessible to every business by announcing the general availability of Optimizely Personalization. We’ve taken the nebulous concept of personalization and broken it down into something that any business can get value from. We’ve built a solution that integrates each aspect of personalization in one seamless workflow. We believe our new product will do for personalization what we did for A/B testing: unlock the potential of an emerging innovative practice and make it accessible to companies of all sizes.

Optimizely Named Industry Leader in Online Testing

Optimizely Leader in Online Testing Forrester Wave

Last week, Forrester Research released the The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms, Q3 2015” (access requires subscription) and we’re very proud to announce what we believe is another key milestone in our quest to bring optimization to the world: among the eight online testing platforms that “matter most,” Optimizely is cited as a leader in this space.

Marc Andreessen Talks Killer Robots, Unicorns, and The Future of Tech


Few folks on the planet are as recognized for thinking about the future as Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)* and one of the world’s most prolific venture capitalists by number of investments. Marc likes to discuss the future. A lot.

So it was fitting for our Co-founder and CEO, Dan Siroker to invite Marc to discuss the future of technology, privacy, and disruption at Opticon, our annual user conference.

Here are the 5 quotes from Marc’s conversation with Dan that really captivated the attention of the audience and gave them a birdseye view of how Marc sees the world evolving.

Announcing the Winners of I/Own It, A Scholarship for Women Engineers

Jessica Chong is the winner of the I/Own It Scholarship sponsored by Optimizely and Hack Reactor.

For me, becoming an engineer always seemed as natural as aspiring to be a doctor, a teacher, or a lawyer. But when I joined the workforce I realized that both my educational and professional paths are hardly the norm for most female engineers; I have been incredibly lucky.

To encourage and empower women with a passion for coding to pursue their professional dreams, Optimizely and Hack Reactor created “I/Own It”, a program that gives aspiring women technologists the chance to win a full scholarship to attend Hack Reactor, work closely with a mentor from Optimizely, and start a paid internship with Optimizely after graduating.

We are so excited to announce 3 amazing winners.

CNN: “The Secret to Winning a Presidential Campaign”


As campaigning for the 2016 U.S. presidential election gets into full swing, candidates on both sides are turning to Optimizely to connect with voters in a more personal way. CNN correspondent Laurie Segall interviewed our Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Siroker to learn how A/B testing changed the game during the Obama 2008 campaign, and to hear how candidates can and are using optimization to gain a competitive edge in the upcoming election.