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3 Ways to Experiment to Drive Conference Awareness and Registration

Opticon 19 and IBM Web Promotion

Every year, Optimizely hosts our annual conference, Opticon, with the goal of bringing people looking to learn more or uplevel their experimentation, optimization, and personalization skills under one roof for three days of content, keynotes, networking, and more.  As the promotional strategist for the conference, each year I ask myself how we can make it […]

Optimizely on Optimizely: 5 Ways Personalization Can Supercharge Enterprise Marketing

Digital transformation has become a priority for large enterprises over the last five years. In fact, according to IDG’s State of Digital Business Transformation 2018, 89% of organizations have adopted or have plans for a digital-first strategy. In tandem, there is a growing need to improve digital experiences using experimentation and personalization. It’s no surprise […]