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Improving Snippet Performance and Matching with 3rd Party Analytics

Today, we’re pleased to share a pair of new updates to the Optimizely JavaScript snippet which are launching in general availability: a more performant event logging endpoint (/events), and new JavaScript methods for event timing. /events Logging Endpoint: Better performance through batching Our customers care a lot about the performance impact of including our snippet […]

Scale your Experimentation Program with Optimizely’s REST API

When most people think of Optimizely, they picture a visual user interface: filling in forms to create experiments, dragging and dropping content to make variations, and clicking on buttons to track conversions. This visual interface is a great way to get started with experimentation, but what many users don’t realize is that it’s just scratching […]

Introducing Extensions – Helping Teams Collaborate Better

Introducing Extensions – Helping Teams Collaborate Better

No one wants to write code for one-off use cases. However, too often developers have to build one-off solutions to help a marketing team run a promotion or make a change to their marketing site.  We created extensions, reusable templates built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to help both technical and non-technical teams run experiments […]

New Product Innovations in Optimizely X

The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts worldwide spending on digital transformation (DX) technologies to be more than $1.2 trillion in 2017, an increase of 17.8% over 2016. With digital transformation a necessity, and a thirst for innovation across industries, experimentation is becoming an increasingly popular method to enable bold change. Some of the most innovative […]

Introducing Optimizely X Mobile

Introducing Optimizely X Mobile

Customers have come to expect consistent experiences and positive interactions with a brand’s content no matter where they access it. Nearly every consumer now owns a smartphone, and most start a task on one device and finish it on another. According to comScore, 77% of customers 18-34 are multi-channel users, accessing content and experiences across […]

Top Questions & Answers from the Meet Optimizely X Webinar Series

Top Questions & Answers from the Meet Optimizely X Webinar Series

Optimizely recently hosted a webinar series, called Meet Optimizely X, to share how to experiment deeply and broadly–wherever your customers are in their journey. In total there were over 200+ questions that our product managers answered live. These questions illuminated Optimizely’s product roadmap, explained how to use multiple products on the Optimizely X platform concurrently, […]