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Optimizely Continues to Add Integrations to Bolster its Open Platform

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Lotame to launch a new audience integration for Optimizely Web. This integration enables Optimizely customers to scale their personalization programs by targeting Lotame DMP audiences with Optimizely Web campaigns. Personalization and DMPs An effective personalization strategy starts with identifying valuable audiences and then targeting them with […]

The End of Legacy Suites: Introducing The Digital Experience Stack

The End of Legacy Suites: Introducing The Digital Experience Stack

A single solution that meets all of your end-to-end business needs sounds like the holy grail. In reality though, all-in-one suites are no longer enough to serve the complex needs of today’s ever-changing digital landscape. Business technology has evolved exponentially in recent years. Legacy systems have halted innovation, releasing incremental updates slowly, limiting large-scale deployment, […]